35 latest photo editing apps 2016

In 2016, the photo editing application was very busy being downloaded by smartphone users. ApkVenue will give you 35 of the best 2016 latest photo editing applications

In 2016, applications for the Android operating system are like daily food, including the category editing photo. Because, everything is dependent on Android smartphones as well as the application.

Therefore, through this article, ApkVenue will provide a collection of the best and newest photo editing applications in 2016. Are you ready to choose which new photo editing application is good for you? So, see the application below yes!

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35 Latest Photo Editing Apps 2016

1. PIP Selfie Photo Editor

Hooked selfie? Of course, especially if you're hanging out with friends. Definitely a moment for selfie will not be missed. Hence, download PIP Selfie Photo Editor to better meet your selfie needs.

Lyrebird Studio Photo & Imaging Apps DOWNLOAD

2. Wonder Camera

Not much different from the application above before, but Wonder Camera has a variety of interesting features such as beautify to make the photos you create look smoother. So this is one photo editing application that you deserve to try.

Baidu Inc Photo & Imaging Apps DOWNLOAD

3. Artisto

If you want to make a photo from a video, you can use the app Artisto. Because, this application can also be called the best video editing application on Android. So now, you're not just post just take a photo at Instagram, but it can also be video.

Device Video & Audio Apps DOWNLOAD

4. Adobe Photoshop Mix

Who does not know software made by Adobe? Yes, one of the products you can use is Adobe Photoshop Mix. This application is similar to Adobe Photoshop Express, but has more features and is much easier to use.

Adobe Systems Inc Photo & Imaging Apps DOWNLOAD

5. Funny Camera

Tired of photo editing applications that make beautiful photos? Yes, you just download Funny Camera. Because here, you can embed a variety of unique and interesting frames to make photos look funnier. Just try it, but be careful it's addictive.

Apps Photo & Imaging tndev DOWNLOAD

6. Line Moments

This application, which you can use in Indonesian, can make your photos more pleasing to the eye. In fact, Line Moments function to take photos and pictures. However, it is possible that you can edit photos from the gallery as well. In fact, from existing images and photos, you can combine them into a series of videos.

LINE Corporation Photo & Imaging Apps DOWNLOAD

7. Video Maker Photos with Song

Want to make a series of photos put together into a video with beautiful music? You can use the app Video Maker Photos with Song. This app will let you turn your images into a video that tells a story.

Apart from that, there are various effects and themes and more than 1,000 different emojis for you to use. Audio support that you can embed is the main point of this application here for you. Interested in trying it? If yes, then share go to social media guys.

8. Free Sticker - S Photo Editor

True to its name, Free Sticker - S Photo Editor is an image processing application that allows you to add a variety of stickers. Funny stickers are available in various options so you can develop unique creativity to make photos look more quirky.

Apps Photo & Imaging S THEME 2 DOWNLOAD

9. Fisheye Lens

Want to make a photo similar to lomo camera? Easy! You can now download an application that is able to do something like it, namely: Fisheye Lens. This application provides access to make fisheye photos with unique distortion for free!

Indeed, this app is literally the best camera app. But, if you want to try editing photos with this, you can also take pictures from the gallery and make them look more artistic. You can also install retro filters or use fisheye filters classic ones.

GRYMALA Photo & Imaging Apps DOWNLOAD

10. Camera B612 Full Effect

Do you want to have a photo that is not funny and you can use it for making profile picture? Just make your ordinary photos super cool with the app Camera B612 Full Effect. Work on existing images, add frames, use funny and cool effects, and guaranteed you will look more handsome and also beautiful.

11. Camera B912 Effects

Your girlfriend is fussy asking for a photo to make her look beautiful and sexy? Calm down, don't panic until you cry, please don't let it be like that. You just install the application Camera B912 Effects to make it real.

Camera B912 Effects is an image processing application that you can use using advanced effects inside it. In fact, you can even make funny photos with the addition of cute stickers, friend!

Nomuratin Inc Photo & Imaging Apps DOWNLOAD

12. Sweet Selfie Halloween selfie

Love selfies and want to look charming? Oh, no need to bother changing poses! Any pose will be awesome if you use the app Sweet Selfie Halloween selfie. Can't believe this can make you look okay?

Well, in the application, you can edit all the photos you have with interesting effects like Blur, Vignette, and also Retro. So, if you edit any photo using this one application, it is guaranteed to look even more glamorous.

Ufoto Photo & Imaging Apps DOWNLOAD

13. Candy Camera

Every filter available on Candy Camera Of course, it will make your skin look stunning. If you are a woman, then I'm sure you will make men squeak with the beauty produced by this photo editing.

If you are a man, it is guaranteed that you will get a beautiful girl who will be crazy about your processed image. Of course, you are also required to do a high level of creativity to make it interesting. Come on, try it!

JP Brothers Photo & Imaging Apps DOWNLOAD

14. Retrica

If the photo editing application above is not challenging for you, then you can try it Retrica. This application is actually also an Android camera application. But, you can also upload your photos in the gallery to be processed with this cool application.

Apps Photo & Imaging retrica.co DOWNLOAD

15. Fisheye Pro

Not much different from Fisheye Lens, the app Fisheye Pro gives you access to use filters vintage eye-catching with a unique monochrome option. In fact, you can use templates funny collages to put together the photos that you make through this application. Interested?

Wombatica Labs Photo & Imaging Apps DOWNLOAD

16. Polar Photo Editor

Applications for editing the latest photos, one of which is Polar Photo Editor. This application provides a variety of filters that you can use to make photos look even cooler and more attractive. In fact, you can also customize toolbar according to what you want.

The latest 2016 application also presents a selection of features such as: Color, Light, Detail, Vignette, Lens, Effect, HSL, Curves, and Toning. Eits, wait a minute, the features in the latest 2016 Polarr Photo Editor application each have their own characteristics. So, good luck with that!

17. Photo Collage Maker

The next 2016 latest photo editing application is Photo Collage Maker. This application can be used to edit your photos with various magical features in it. Here, you can also make photos look even funnier with the presence of a selection of stickers that are available with more than 100 options.

Then, this application provides a feature that you can use to paste as many filters as you want to make your photos look more pleasing to the eye. Interestingly, you won't see ads in this one free Photo Editor application.

18. Photo Editor by Aviary

Photo Editor by Aviary is an application that is certainly useful for editing photos. Recently, Photo Editor by Aviary has just beenupdates. There are several choices of the latest features provided for loyal users.

To improve photo quality, here you only need to tap the screen once. Then, there various photo effects and frames which can make your photo with the doi more romantic. Then what again? Still many. You just try it yourself!

19. Rookie Cam by JellyBus

Rookie Cam by JellyBus is one of the newest photo editing applications that has a myriad of features. Here, you can create and edit your photos with results that are not much different from the work of professional editors. So, want to try?

Be patient, Bro. In addition, you can also make photo collages and combine them with a choice of frames stylish. In fact, with the latest version, this application can do Undo and redo, a feature that looks trivial but is important enough to present.

20. Beauty Selfie - Photo Editor

If you want to use the latest and best 2016 photo editing application for selfie, then you just have to try Beauty Selfie - Photo Editor. Why? Because, this application can give you a touch of captivating photos.

In addition, you will also have the opportunity to try the features Magic Beauty, Face Shape, Filter, Enhance, and so forth. So, it's clear that the latest 2016 photo editing application is a partner the right one forselfie happy?

21. SNOW - Selfie, Motion sticker

Are you feeling goofy? If so, don't miss out on the newest 2016 application that was just released.updates named SNOW - Selfie, Motion sticker. Because, by using this one photo editing application, it is guaranteed that you can make unique photos.

In addition, this unique photo editing application also provides various features funny effects for face editing the results are very amazing. You can also share your edits through this latest unique photo editing application. Interesting right?

22. Noah Camera

For some people, doing selfie it does matter. In fact, in almost every free time they had, they would definitely try toselfie happy. So, you can try Noah Camera as a solution selfie best.

The latest 2016 photo editing application is able to make you look cleaner and more radiant. You can try more than 100 filters available in this application. Want to try?

23. Photofy Content Creation Tool

Photofy Content Creation Tool is one of the newest photo editing applications that you can download for free. This application presents a myriad of filters that provides more than 90 fonts for you to use when editing photos.

In addition, the Photofy Content Creation Tool also provides graphic elements more than 50,000. So, making cool, interesting, to amazing photos, can definitely be done with this latest 2016 photo editing application. Interested in trying it?

24. Deep Art Effects - Art Filters

A photo editing app called Deep Art Effects - Art Filters you can count on to turn your photo like a painting. You can try dozens filter available in it and be creative as much as possible. Ready to be like an artist?

25. Color Splash Snap Photo Effect

Want to edit your photos to make them look classic? It's easy, you just need to download Color Splash Snap Photo Effect to make it happen. **With this application you can create a masterpiece with just the touch of a finger. Apart from that, you can also use other effects and add stickers. Interesting huh?

26. Square Quick Pro-No Crop Photo

The next latest photo editing application is Square Quick Pro-No Crop Photo. This image processing application is able to make a photo that is anti-mainstream. Because, you can make your photos with stickers animal face, background effects and other cute stickers.

27. Sketch Camera

Young souls like you, definitely want to make various works of art that can be proudly displayed on all social media accounts. For that, you can use the latest 2016 photo editing application. Sketch Camera to create this work of art.

28. Cameringo Lite

Have you ever heard of Lomography? Yes, Lomography is a photo created using a special analog camera that still uses film for its storage media. If you like lomo photos, you don't have to bother buying a lomo camera. Just wear Cameringo Lite just. Guaranteed to work!

29. Beauty Makeup Selfie Cam

Yes, if you like and are crazy about photos selfie, you can download Beauty Makeup Selfie Cam. Yes, this image processing application provides a variety of filters that are guaranteed to make your face handsome or beautiful, clean, and look beautiful. Still curious? Yes, just download it, okay? guys.

30. Color Splash Effect

Color Splash Effect is one of the best photo editing applications that allows you to make a photo like a professional photographer. You can make your photos look perfect. The background effect is one of the advantages of this application.

31. Photo Filters & Selfie Camera

Now is the time for you to create stunning photos to display on all apps chat that you have. Use all kinds of filters in photo editing apps Photo Filters & Selfie Camera. In fact, you can also add effects blur to be seen bokeh.

32. Cartoon Photo

Want to be seen as a cartoonist? Easy! You can download Cartoon Photo to realize your dream as a cartoonist. As the name implies, this photo application will give a cartoon-like effect to every photo you edit later. Wow, who is ready to turn himself into a cartoonist huh?

33. Photo Editor Filters & Effects

Photo Editor Filters & Effects is one of the newest photo editing applications in 2016 that provides effects such as Original, Improve, Daydream, Indiglow, Heatwave, Film, and so forth. In addition, you are also able to process photos to make them look more precise. It's cool anyway!

34. Oil Painting Effect

Indeed, your young soul will never be separated from the name of making art. For that, you must download Oil Painting Effect so that the photo you edit will look as if you painted it with oil paints. Wow, the results must be really good!

35. Art Photo Filters for Prisma

Do you know what Prisma application is like? If you are still not satisfied using the photo editing application, you must use it Art Photo Filters for Prisma as an alternative. That way, you can try a variety of the latest filters that are more interesting than the cool photo editing application Prisma.

Those are the best 2016 photo editing apps for the Android platform in 2016. What do you think is the best app for you? Share your opinion in the comments column below yes.

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