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how to change windows 10 to macos easily!

Want to have a laptop with a macOS look like an Apple laptop? Here, how to change Windows 10 to macOS easily and practically!

Have an Apple laptop that is priced in the tens or even tens of millions? Yes, of course you want, gang?

Unfortunately, the relatively high price of Apple laptops makes this laptop only accessible to certain people.

In fact, this laptop product made by a technology company based in California offers the macOS operating system which has a simple yet elegant appearance that is very much coveted by some people.

But fortunately, there is a glimmer of hope for those of you who want to have a laptop look like macOS, gang. Curious? Come on, see the full article below!

How to Turn Windows 10 Into macOS

Maybe some of you think that having a look similar to macOS on a laptop with the Windows 10 operating system is impossible.

It's not strange indeed, considering the two operating systems of this computer are very different, including in terms of appearance.

But, for those of you who still hope to be able to make this happen, here Jaka shows you how to change Windows 10 to macOS easily and practically.

Step 1 - Download macOS Transformation Pack

  • The first step you have to do in order to be able to change the appearance of Windows 10 so that it resembles MacOS is to download an application called macOS Transformation Pack 5.0.

  • You can download the application on the WindowsXLive site at the address // Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click the download button.

  • This application will later have the extension .rar.

Step 2 - Open and install the app

  • After the MacOS Transformation Pack 5.0 application has been downloaded, the next step that must be done is of course installing the application.

  • You open the folder where the downloaded application was saved, then left click then select the "Open" option or double click on the app.

  • After that, if the application asks for a password then you type then click button OK.

  • Then, a window will appear User Account Control to request permission to run the application. Here you click the button OK.

Step 3 - Restart PC

  • If in the process of installing blocked by window notification "Updating files pending detected" like the picture below, you just click the button "Yes" then click the button again "OK".

  • After that, your laptop or computer will restart automatically.

Step 4 - Repeat step no.2

  • If the laptop has turned on again, you install the MacOS Transformation Pack 5.0 application again by repeating step no. 2 which Jaka explained earlier, gang.

Step 5 - Set app settings

  • If the MacOS Transformation Pack 5.0 application is already open, the next step you need to do is set application settings according to the picture which ApkVenue attaches below.

  • Also make sure you select and tick an option similar to what Jaka did, yes, gang!

  • If everything is the same, then you click the "Install" button and the installation process will run.

Step 6 - Restart PC again

  • If the installation process is complete, then later you will be immediately taken to the Settings page automatically, at this stage you just close the Settings window by clicking the "X" icon in the top right corner.

  • After that the Install window will appear and click the "OK" button. So for the umpteenth time, your laptop will restart again, gang.

Step 7 - Wait for the screen display to change

  • After the restart process is complete, then you wait until the desktop page screen really changes to resemble the typical macOS appearance of Apple laptops.

  • At this stage the process takes only a few minutes, until finally the taskbar and icons on the macOS desktop appear all.

  • If you managed to install the application correctly, then the appearance of Windows 10 will change to be similar to macOS as follows.

To be more like the appearance on macOS, you can also do a little customization by removing the icons that appear on the left side of the desktop page.

How? The method is not as difficult as what you imagined at the beginning, right? With this new look, your laptop doesn't have the same look-that's all typical of the Windows operating system.


Well, that was a simple way to change the appearance of your laptop with your Windows 10 OS so that it resembles the appearance of Apple's macOS, gang.

By using the method above, you can already feel the appearance of a macOS "flavor" laptop that many people crave with only an application. Interesting right?

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