easy way to use naruto theme on all android phones

In this way, you can change your normal Android theme to a Naruto theme.

After previously JalanTikus discussed BBM Mod Naruto Theme, this time JalanTikus will discuss the Naruto theme on all Android phones. Please note, using the Naruto theme on Android is not difficult. This way, you can easily change your regular Android theme to a Naruto theme without requiring access root.

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How to Use Naruto Theme on All Android Phones:

  • Download Buzz Launcher and install as usual on your Android.

    Apps Desktop Enhancement Homepack Buzz Team DOWNLOAD
  • Make Buzz Launcher as Home/Default Launcher you.

  • After launcher installed properly, look for the menu Theme or homepack buzz. Fill in Naruto in the search menu and click search.

  • Wait a moment and it will automatically appear many Naruto themes that can be used. Choose one of the Naruto themes that you like.

  • Open the Naruto theme that you have chosen, click the button Download and choose again Replace All.

  • Wait a moment until the Naruto theme download process is complete. When you're done, click the button Apply theme. The Naruto theme will automatically work on your Android.

Screenshots Naruto Themes on Android

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