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3 ways to see wifi password on iphone without jailbreak

Confused how to see the password on the iPhone because of forgetfulness? Here are 3 ways to find out the wifi password on your iPhone without having to jailbreak.

Wifi has become a very important device for smartphone users, be it Android or iPhone. This tool, which is almost always password protected, has become a reliable internet source for smartphone users.

Well, Jaka's article this time is intended for those of you who often forget the Wi-Fi password that was previously connected to your cellphone, and the discussion of this article is devoted to iPhone users of all generations.

Jaka will discuss how to see Wifi passwords on iPhone without the need to jailbreak at all. Curious how to do it?

3 Ways to View Wifi Password on iPhone

There are several ways that you can choose so that you can find out the password on your iPhone and even your iPad. This method is suitable for those of you who often forget your home or office wifi password.

This time Jaka 3 how to find out the wifi password on the iPhone that has been previously stored or connected on your iPhone. This method is equally effective, you just have to choose the most comfortable to use.

Without further ado, here's how to see the wifi password on the iPhone, complete with the steps.

1. Enable iCloud Keychain

iCloud Keychain is a special program from Apple that function to manage passwords connected to the Apple device you are using.

With this program, passwords stored on your iPhone can be viewed on your Mac or iPad. Therefore, this program can be used to see wifi password on iPhone.

There are several steps that you must follow on how to find out the connected wifi password on the iPhone, and here is more information.


  • Step 1 - Go to the settings menu on your iPhone and select iCloud to display the next selection window.
  • Step 2 - Once the new options window opens, select Keychain and turn on the iCloud Keychain service if it wasn't active before.
  • Step 3 - Once the iCloud Keychain service is activated, open your Mac, and open the menu System Preferences by pressing the Apple icon.
  • Step 4 - You will be taken to the next menu and here select iCloud.
  • Step 5 - Here you will see several available menus, then select Keychain.
  • Step 6 - Once the new window opens, type Keychain Access.
  • Step 7 - Type the name of the wifi whose password you want to see, and double click to bring up the next options.

  • Step 8 - A new window will open, and here click on options Show Password to see the password that you use on the wifi network.

Remember, how to check wifi password on iPhone can only be done on MacOS, and can't be done at all on Windows or Android.

This Keychain service can only be used between iPhone devices that are connected to your account, so it will not be accessible through other operating systems such as Windows or Android.

2. Login to Router

The second alternative that you can do as a way to hack wifi on iPhone is to directly login to the wifi router connected to your cell phone.

How to find out wifi password on iPhone without this application requires you knowing username and also passwords used on the router.

Usually, if never changed before username and also your router password is still admin. Here's how to see wifi password on iPhone via router.

  • Step 1 - Enter the menu Settings, then select menu Wi-Fi.

  • Step 2 - On the Wi-Fi that your iPhone is currently connected to, select circled letter i logo like the picture above.

  • Step 3 - Next see Router IP Address write down or memorize it for the next step.
  • Step 4 - Type Router IP Address that was seen on your iPhone to the browser on your laptop or PC.

  • Step 5 - Please input username and password your router admin. Usually if it hasn't been changed, you can enter admin as your router's username and password.

After the router's username and password are entered correctly, you will be able to see the current wifi password directly from the router's admin menu.

Remember, the wifi password gang and the wifi admin password are different things, so you are still safe if you know one of them for example.

3. Using the 1Password Application

Well, if you feel that the 2 methods are a little complicated, you can use this third method. How to see the wifi password on this third iPhone more towards prevention actually.

You can install applications such as 1Password so that every password you enter on your iPhone is stored safely.

Starting from iCloud passwords, Apple ID, iTunes to Wi-Fi passwords everything will be saved automatically via this app.

So, if at any time you forget your Wi-Fi password, just open the 1Password application and see the Wi-Fi passwords that have been connected to your iPhone device.

That's Jaka's discussion about how to find out the wifi password on an iPhone that is already connected without the need to jailbreak.

Hopefully this article can help those of you who often forget the Wi-Fi password on your iPhone or iPad.

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