7 of the best multiplayer android car racing games

There are lots of car racing games on the Google Play store but it's very rare to have a multiplayer mode so it's not very satisfying.

There's nothing more exciting and challenge besides playing car racing themed games. Besides being able to get rid of your boredom, this game can also train your strategy. Because to win racing themed game like this is not easy at all. The game will be more fun if played with friends because some of the games below are already support multiplayer.

Many car racing games on the Google Play store but it's very rare to have a multiplayer mode so it's not very satisfying. It's different if you provide multiplayer, which means you can play a duel with your friends.

This multiplayer car racing game that ApkVenue will review requires an internet connection, but you don't need to worry because it doesn't suck up your quota. So one device only needs to activate the hotspot feature to connect to another smartphone.

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These 7 Android Car Racing Games Can Be Played Multiplayer Loh

1. City Racing 3D

This super cool game is not only fun but you can too play with friends because it supports multiplayer mode. So you can test how good you are at playing games with friends. And City Racing 3D game it provides several game modes that you can choose such as Career, Elimination Tournament, 1 Vs 1, Time Trial and others. In addition to the exciting gameplay, the graphics of this game are also very interesting.

2. Racers Vs Cops Multiplayer

Racers Vs Cops Multiplayer is a game that fully embraces the racing genre. By developer Moment Ltd, this game will invite you to be challenged to each other compete speed on two vehicles. You can also choose one of the riders according to your wishes. The multiplayer model is still the same, namely relying on a wifi connection on one of the devices so it can be your friend's smartphone or your own.

3. Real Racing 3

You definitely want to download it because you see this very stunning graphic. Real Rancing 3 which is made by the developer ELECTRONIC ARTS can amaze you after seeing the gameplay. The reason is that the overall genre of this game is not only racing, but also action and adventure so this game will also invite you to adventure alone or in multiplayer.

4. SUP Multiplayer Racing

This slightly ridiculous game is in fact no less exciting than other games. SUP Multiplayer Racing also presents interesting gameplay the racers can also race at high speed because can do NOS. If you often win races, then one day you can get a super fast superior vehicle starting from Muscle Cars, Monster Trucks, Rally Cars to Hot Rods.

5. Super Car Racing Multiplayer

No less interesting, in the game Super Car Racing Multiplayer because this game provides many trajectories that you can choose such as snowy mountain, city and town road, autumn road, and also beach road and village street. All of these race tracks have different challenges, so the difficulty level is not the same. Moreover, it can be played in multiplayer so it will be more fun to play.

6. Reality Drift Multiplayer

The sixth game is a racing game that is different from some of the games above. Though Reality Drift Multiplayer also a racing game but there is a difference in the game, if the game above is just a normal race, this game must be run by drift or slide. This game can be likened to tokyo drift movie.

Fashion is unique multiplayer This game can not only be played by two people, you can play the game Reality Drift Multiplayer with 32 people. So the game will be more exciting and challenging.

7. Multiplayer Car Race

Looks like the graphics from the game Multiplayer Car Race not as good as some of the games above. Although the graphics are fairly simple, but gameplay brought no less exciting. You will play as a super crazy car driver no rules, so who is the fastest then he will win. Besides that, it can be multiplayer too! NaturalMotionGames Ltd Racing Games DOWNLOAD

That's 7 android car racing games that can be played in multiplayer. The game above does require a connection from one of the devices on both smartphones. But luckily it won't drain your internet quota. The trick is to just activate the hotspot on your smartphone or your friends and then connect, once connected then just play.

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