6 best android emulators for pc mac os x

Want to run Android applications on Mac OS X based devices? Find the answers to the best Android emulators here.

Various things about Android it's really fun to play. Whether it's an application or a game that is presented on platform made by Google always offers a different experience in every use. Then, if you use a computer or laptop, can you still use it?

Answering the question above, yes it can be done. Because Windows operating system now it has made it easier for users by presenting software which supports Android. Windows? Are we discussing Windows here? No. We will discuss about Android emulator for PC Mac OS X. So, what are the best emulators for running Android applications with the Mac OS X operating system?

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6 Best Android Emulators For Mac OS X PC

1. Bluestacks App Player

Who doesn't know this emulator? Yes, Bluestacks App Player is software most mainstream. Usually, you use software this must be using a Windows-based PC. It turns out, software This cool one is also available for Mac OS X. So, those of you who want to play games on Android on Mac devices, don't have to worry anymore. Bluestacks itself is the only Android Emulator supported by investments from Intel, Samsung, Qualcomm, and AMD.

2. Xamarin Android Player

Apart from Bluestacks, Xamarin Android Player is also the best Android Emulator that you can use on a Mac OS X-based PC. Your favorite applications and games on Android, you can operate through this emulator. However, the installation process is a bit long, you just need to follow the instructions provided guys.

3. Android

Andy OS is an operating system that provides very, very abundant features on Mac, Windows, or Cloud-based devices. This provides a gap between desktop and mobile computing. You will still up-to-date with upgrade of the features provided by the latest Android operating system. Yes, Android is another best emulator for you to install on your Mac OS X PC.

4. Droid4X

If you're a little lazy to look for apps in the emulator, here's one software best for you. Her name is Droid4X. This Android emulator makes it easy for you to drag and drop file in the form of an application, and the installation process will begin immediately. Then, feel free to continue your fun playing your favorite Android apps and games.

5. ARCHON! Android Emulator

Want to run the application on browser Chrome on your Mac OS X PC? use ARChon! Android Emulator. This best Android emulator will help you run your favorite Android apps and games on Chrome browser. Wow, that's delicious, isn't it? Once you've explored the virtual world, you can also play games again. Great!

6. Genymotion

Genymotion is one of the best Android emulators that you can choose for you to use. Why should you choose Genymotion? Because, software It's fast, easy to use, and the most powerful Android emulator ever created. Also, if you like building Android apps, you can test them out using Genymotion.

Well, those are the six choices of the best Android emulators that you can use as references for you to use. If not, you just try one by one, to compare the greatness. Later, if one of the emulators is your best choice, share your experience in the comments column below. Good luck!

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