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how to remove ad virus / adware on android, powerful!

Are you often bothered by ads in the application? Be careful it could contain a virus! Here's how to get rid of the ad virus on Android. Guaranteed to work!

Android smartphones are widely used because they provide a lot of support for cool applications and games, and have many variants to choose from.

There are so many choices of quality cheap Android smartphones on the market.

One of the problems with Android smartphones is that they are always vulnerable to viruses and advertisements.

Therefore JalanTikus will give you a way to remove ad viruses or Adware on Android smartphones.

How to Remove Ad Virus on Android Without Root

What is an advertising virus (Adware) that JalanTikus means? It you know, ads that suddenly often appear when using a smartphone. Usually ads pop-up which culminates in installing apps without permission. Have you experienced it?

If you have experienced it, let's remove Adware on your Android smartphone by:

Step 1 - Check smartphone administration

  • First of all, first check your smartphone administration access in the menu Settings - Security - Device Administrators.

Step 2 - Disable suspicious apps

  • If there are suspicious applications that have administrative access active, turn them off immediately.

Step 3 - Remove suspicious apps

  • Next, delete the suspicious application that asked for administrative access. But highly recommended for Clear Data and Cache first before deleting it.

Finished. It's that easy way to remove ad viruses on Android smartphones without root.

Remove Adware on Android with Safe Mode

Have you tried the methods above but still fail to stop the ads from popping up? Maybe the Adware was disguised as a system application. To fix this, you can use another method by logging in Safe Mode.

Step 1 - Enter safe mode

  • Enter Safe Mode with the power and volume button combination. For how to enter Safe Mode, each smartphone has a different way, please search on Google.

Step 2 - Uninstall the adware app

  • Once you enter Safe Mode, you will find that all other installed applications have disappeared, except for system applications. Well, Adware that was installed as a system will still be there, and you can try uninstalling it in Safe Mode.

Step 3 - Restart your smartphone

  • After uninstalling, please restart your smartphone.

If you have done everything correctly, the adware on your smartphone should be deleted. And your smartphone can be used perfectly again.

So many ways to remove ad viruses on Android, hopefully it's useful, guys! Good luck!

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