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6 newest, cute, and beautiful hello kitty whatsapp themes

Do you want to install the Hello Kitty theme on WhatsApp? Well, Jaka has some recommendations for the Hello Kitty WhatsApp theme, along with how to install the theme.

You're looking to beautify the appearance of your WhatsApp with Hello Kitty theme? Confused where to look for it?

Calm down, you don't need to be confused because this time Jaka wants to recommend the best Hello Kitty WhatsApp theme.

Yes, the cartoon character from Japan is indeed famous for being funny and much liked by women, especially children.

The funny thing is that Hello Kitty can, really, you make it into your WhatsApp theme. For that, this time Jaka wants to share a recommendation for a collection of WhatsApp Hello Kitty themes.

6 Best Hello Kitty WhatsApp Themes

The WhatsApp Hello Kitty theme that Jaka has listed below is designed as attractive as possible.

To replace your WhatsApp theme with Hello Kitty, you must download and install a WhatsApp application such as FMWhatsApp.

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After you install the application, there you can find cute Hello Kitty themes. There are many Hello Kitty themes in FMWhatsApp.

Below, Jaka has listed some recommendations for the theme of the cartoon cat with the ribbon. Listen, yes!

1. Hello Kitty by Nieliton

The first Hello Kitty theme named Hello Kitty by Nieliton. As the name implies, this theme is the work of someone with the initials Nieliton.

This theme is designed with the basic colors of pink and white which are also the colors of Hello Kitty. Funny, yes, gang!

2. Hello Kitty Fouad Yowa Kood

Next, there is a WhatsApp theme named Hello Kitty Fouad Yowa Kood.

This theme has a base color of white, black, and pink.

The image of Hello Kitty peeking at the chat wallpaper also adds to the beauty of this theme.

3. Hello Kitty by Nieliton (2)

Theme Hello Kitty by Nieliton (2) also no less funny than the theme that Jaka mentioned earlier. This theme has pink and white base colors.

Some fonts use black, In the chat wallpaper section there is a picture of Hello Kitty wearing a hat. Adding to the cuteness of this one animal, gang.

4. Hello Kitty theme by Jennifer

Next, there is a theme Hello Kitty by Jennifer. Yes, this theme is designed to be very attractive and beautiful.

The theme has three basic colors, namely white, pink, and light blue. The font colors are pink, white, and blue.

In the chat wallpaper section there is a picture of Hello Kitty looking up at the sky while looking at the clouds. At first glance, it looks like the cat is reading our chat, guys. Funny, yes!

5. Kitty Color Hello Byval

This one theme is unique compared to the theme that ApkVenue has mentioned before.

You can see from the look of the chat wallpaper which is embellished with pictures of flowers and Hello Kitty with a large ribbon on the top of the head.

The base color is also more colorful. There are blue, pink, white, and purple. Beautiful, right, the design?

6. Hello Kitty Pink Natty

Last on this list is a theme named Hello Kitty Pink Natty.

This theme combines black and pink, making Hello Kitty Pink Natty look cool.

The Hello Kitty image in this theme has a dark gray base color, while wearing a tank top and pink ribbon.

How to Download FMWhatsApp and Install the Hello Kitty Theme

To install the WhatsApp themes above you have to download FMWhatsApp and install the Hello Kitty theme.

The following is how to download and install FMWhatsApp, along with how to install one of the Hello Kitty themes.

Step 1: Download FMWhatsapp

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After you download the APK FMWhatsApp, you just install the application.

Step 2: Perform Number Registration

Furthermore, register your phone number and enter the verification number, exactly the same as you register the WhatsApp application.

Step 3: Open FMWhatsApp and Select Fouad Mods

After registration is complete, you will automatically enter the FMWhatsApp application. Then, you click the three-dot icon at the top right, then select Fouad Mods.

Step 4: Choose YoThemes

Choose YoThemes then click menu again Download YoThemes.

Step 5: Find Hello Kitty Theme

Type "Hello" in the search box above. Well, here you will find many themes for the cartoon cat with the ribbon.

Step 6: Install the Theme of Your Choice

After you determine which theme is the most beautiful, you just click on it Install which is on the right of the screenshot of your chosen theme image.

Step 7: FMWhatsapp Installed!

Now the Hello Kitty theme of your choice is installed! Easy isn't it?


Well, those are 5 WhatsApp Hello Kitty themes that you can install on your Android phone.

Keep in mind! The danger of using the FMWhatsApp application is that your WhatsApp account can be blocked by WhatsApp. So, at your own risk, yes.

So, which theme do you think has the most interesting design?

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