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These 10 best disney princesses can make you melt

Who do you think is the prettiest and best Disney princess? According to Jaka, the 10 princesses on the list are the answers!

Cartoons and animated films produced by Disney are famous for having beautiful and charming princesses.

Moreover, they are always portrayed as protagonists who are kind, helpful, brave, although sometimes too naive.

Therefore, this time Jaka will give you a list the most beautiful and the best Disney princess JalanTikus version!

The Most Beautiful Disney Princess

Disney's princess character does make many girls aspire to be like them and find their prince.

The beauty possessed by the characters is a characteristic that sticks in the minds of the audience. But on this list, it's not just physical that is Jaka's consideration.

Jaka also judged these princesses from their nature and ability to solve problems. So, anyone?

1. Belle (Beauty and the Beast)

Photo source: Fanpop

Belle from the movie Beauty and the Best is a nerdy girl who has a brave attitude without being seen as a bad girl.

He was even willing to put himself in a dangerous position to save his father. He can also adapt well when living with Beast.

Belle may not have superpowers, but she is able to teach the Beast what kindness is and ultimately break the prince's evil spell!

2. Mulan (Mulan)

Photo source: WallpaperCave

Mulan is one of the most formidable and admirable female characters. He is willing to sacrifice to protect his family from war.

In addition, Mulan is an example of a Disney princess who was not born into a noble family or married a royal prince.

In fact, Mulan joined the army in disguise and no one noticed. He also managed to save his country from the onslaught of opponents. Not enough badass guess what?

3. Elsa (Frozen)

Photo source: Wallpapers

The princess who can get ice out of her hands, who else if not Elsa from Frozen. She is considered one of the most feminine princesses.

Elsa is stubborn and intelligent. Compared to other princesses, she is arguably the oldest (21 years old) and ends the film with the status of remaining single.

This Disney princess teaches us to be ourselves and wants to prove that women can stand alone without the help of men.

Other Disney Princesses . . .

4. Pocahontas (Pocahontas)

Photo source: OnStageBlog

Pocahontas are Disney characters inspired by real people, not just fairy tales. He is a person who has a bond with nature and can communicate with it.

Physically, Pocahontas looks like a supermodel with a tall and proportional body. Her beauty is very exotic.

The way of life carried out by Pocahontas maybe a little different from other princesses. He seeks to create peace between the two warring groups.

5. Rapunzel (Tangled)

Photo source: Eskipaper

From the movie Tangled, there is Rapunzel who is famous for his super long hair. At first he looked naive, but in the end he managed to show his best ability.

He has been locked up in a tower by his mother who has ambitions to stay young with Rapunzel's hair.

Rapunzel is also the type of woman who is full of sense and sometimes manipulates her interlocutor a little.

6. Jasmine (Aladdin)

Photo source: WallpaperCave

In contrast to other Disney princesses, Jasmine looks a little more fierce, especially when dealing with the law that regulates whom to marry.

He was also among those who dared to use himself to distract Jafar, so that Aladdin could steal the lamp from him.

In the end we know that he chose the main character Aladdin. Could it be because of the magic carpet it has?

7. Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

Photo source: WallpaperCave

Next there is Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Besides having a cute face, Ariel is also brave for saving a drowning prince.

Ariel also has a mesmerizing golden voice. Unfortunately, she is willing to make a deal with Ursula in order to meet the man she wants.

This makes Ariel look a little bit like a naughty teenager who is trying to rebel from her father who is the king of the ocean.

8. Cinderella (Cinderella)

Photo source: Clementoni

Possible Cinderella is one of the most iconic Disney princesses. In fact, he was a favorite of the late Walt Disney, you know!

The story is about suffering with her step family, then meeting the fairy godmother and marrying the prince because the glass slipper has been embedded in our childhood memories.

It's just that sometimes Cinderella looks too perfect and so patient that it makes many fans excited.

9. Snow White (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

Photo source: Wallpapers Wide

Snow White This is the first princess owned by Disney. Many like his innocent character, although according to Jaka he is a little careless and tends to give up.

After being chased away by his evil stepmother, he gets lost in the middle of the forest before meeting the seven dwarves. He became a kind of caregiver for all of them.

Maybe the storyteller wants to educate people not to accept objects from strangers, as Snow White did by eating poisoned apples.

10. Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

Photo source: Free HD Wallpapers

Aurora it is beautiful and kind. However, he is famous for falling asleep for long periods of time thanks to a spell from one of Disney's best villains, Maleficent.

Aurora is included in the three original Disney princesses along with Snow White and Cinderella. As a royal princess, she spends her time under the strict care of her family.

He is also reckless and too naive, until his finger was pricked by a needle and made himself and the rest of the kingdom in commotion.

That's the list of the most beautiful Disney princesses according to Jaka. Obviously there are still many (very) beautiful Disney characters that Jaka hasn't mentioned.

Who do you think, gang? Write in the comments column, yes!

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