10 dangers of wifi to human health, including damaging sperm!

WiFI has a wide range of uses, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have a negative impact, you know! BOSS! DANGER WiFi can reduce the quality of your SPERM!

This time, WiFi is not something new and strange anymore. Almost all electronic devices use WiFi to connect to the internet. Starting from smartphones, tablets, laptops, even smart TVs and refrigerators, there are also those that use WiFi. Although it has a very broad use, but that does not mean that there are no negative impacts caused by WiFi, you know! BOSS! DANGER WiFi can reduce the quality of your SPERM!

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The various consequences of WiFi radiation below are obtained from the results of the study. WiFi does offer the convenience and speed of data transfer and internet access. But, you also have to be wiser in using WiFi, so you won't experience the various dangers of WiFi that ApkVenue reviews below.

10 Dangers of WiFi for Human Health

1. Be the Cause of Breast Cancer

This actually still needs to be investigated further, but it has often been found that exposure to electromagnetic radiation can increase the risk of tumor development. One case occurred in a woman aged 21 years. She has breast cancer, although there is no family history of breast cancer. Apparently, a tumor on her breast grew in the area where she used to put her cellphone in her bra.

2. Lowers Sperm Quality

There has been a lot of information about the heat generated by the laptop can kill sperm. It turns out that it's not just heat that can damage your manhood. Exposure to WiFi radiation is also able to reduce sperm movement and cause DNA fragmentation, both in animals and plants. Hayoo... Too much use of WiFi makes your semen unhealthy, you know!

3. Lowers Fertility

Duh, in addition to male virility, female fertility is also threatened by exposure to WiFi radiation, you know! The frequency generated by WiFi can prevent egg implantation. It can even lead to abnormal pregnancies in women. It's cool!

4. Makes it difficult for you to sleep

Exposure to WiFi radiation can cause insomnia or chronic insomnia. Electromagnetic waves generated by WiFi devices are able to affect wave patterns in the brain so that it becomes more difficult to fall asleep. This conclusion is obtained from the results of research conducted in 2007 in America. Duh, if it's hard to sleep, it's hard to wake up, you don't even have the enthusiasm to do activities.

5. Causes Dizziness

Exposure to electromagnetic waves generated by WiFi can also affect your brain waves. So your head will feel heavy and dizzy. It can even be dangerous for those of you who often experience vertigo.

6. Inhibits Growth in Children and Adolescents

In a study in Austria in 2009, it was found that the radio frequency generated by WiFi waves can inhibit cell growth, especially in the fetus in the womb. WiFi can also stunt growth in children, as well as teens like you. So, introducing gadgets and WiFi signals to young children is not a good thing.

7. Inhibits Cell Growth in Plants

Not only in humans, plants can also be stunted due to exposure to WiFi signals. This is evidenced in a study in Denmark. Plants planted in areas with strong WiFi signals do not grow properly. Well, this can happen to humans too, especially children and teenagers like you.

8. Lowers Brain Function

Scientists in Denmark tested the impact of 4G radiation on brain function in 2013 using MRI technology. As a result, people who were exposed to 4G radiation had decreased function and activity in their brains.

9. Reduces Brain Activity

In a study involving 30 male and female volunteers, it turns out that human brain activity can be reduced after exposure to 2.4 GHz WiFi radiation. This reduction in brain activity and energy is greatest in women. But you guys, don't be happy just yet, because exposure to WiFi radiation also affects the male brain, although the effect is not as big as in women.

10. Triggering Stress on the Heart

Exposure to WiFi radiation was also able to increase the heart rate to be much faster than the normal rate. This fast heart rate is like a person who is under high stress.

How to Reduce and Prevent the Impact of WiFi on Health

The various threats above are quite scary, right? But the various problems that may arise are not without solutions, really! You can do prevention in several ways. For example, reusing a wired network, turning off router WiFi when not in use, reduce the use of gadgets, and cultivate a healthy lifestyle with healthy food and regular exercise.

That's variety the dangers of WiFi radiation for human health. If you have other information or opinions about the dangers of this WiFi radiation, please write your opinion in the column comments below this.

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