Internet packages run out quickly even though you rarely browse? this is how to solve it

Your data plan runs out quickly even though you've been saving money? Check the causes and solutions here.

Most of us, active smartphone users, of course often use the mobile data packages we buy to carry out various activities ranging from access social media, browsing on the Internet, video streaming, and music and many more activities we do with take advantage of data packagesmobile we.

However, sometimes when we start to run out of mobile data plans, we tend to make savings by reducing activities that consume a lot of data packets. Although this can really reduce the use of data packages, it turns out that in some cases, the mobile data packages that you have still keep decreasing until it goes unnoticed. Why did this happen? Well, this time Jaka will discuss about this. Read on!

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Internet Packages Run Out Fast Even If You Rarely Browsing? Here's How To Overcome It

1. Causative Factor

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The factor that causes your mobile data package to continue to decrease rapidly even though you rarely do browsing or streaming is because of the large number of mobile data sucker app that you installed.

Just imagine, generally we active smartphone users will definitely have a more than one social media app on Android smartphones. Well, that's quite reasonable, but think about how many mobile data packages will run out if all social media applications are active at the same time.

Not only that, some of the installed social media applications are applications that are classified as sucks a lot of mobile data packages. That's because in both applications the uploaded image is displayed in size large enough. Not to mention if you install a number of online games then you keep running the online game on the internet background, of course over time your mobile data package will continue to drain.


2. Solution

Furthermore, one must be wondering, how exactly is the solution to overcome that matter? Actually the solution is easy.

  • First, you can disable various applications running in the background when you are not using your mobile data plan, especially browser applications, online games, and some social media for a while.

  • Second, you can do reset APN Settings. To reset this APN Settings, you have to open Settings your smartphone first.

  • Next, in this Settings, select More to show Wireless and Network Settings.
  • In this Wireless and Network Settings, select the option Mobile Networks to display your mobile internet connection settings page.
  • Next, select the section Access Point Names (APN) to access the list Access Point that you use.
  • After the list of Access Points that you are using appears, you no need to change access point We. But you guys are enough access settings at the top right of the screen and select Reset to Default.

Well, that was it the reason why the data package keeps decreasing even though it is not actively used and How to fix it. Hopefully useful and good luck. Jaka's message this time is if you want to save on your data package or don't want your data package to run out quickly, don't install too many applications that require a continuous internet connection.