7 latest and free android apps april 2017

However, any new application is certainly worth a try and here are some of the latest 2017 Android applications selected by JalanTikus.

Finding the best application is indeed quite difficult. Because the best application for ApkVenue, is not necessarily the best for you. In the end it all comes down to your needs, where everyone has different needs.

Yes, many new applications have sprung up that have functions that are practically identical to existing applications. However, any new application is certainly worth a try and here are a number of the latest 2017 Android applications by JalanTikus.

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Latest and Free Android Apps April 2017

1. Bard - Video Assembler

Are you sure you're a very creative person? If so, you must try the application Bard - Video Assembler this one. The reason is, you can recreate a video from video content on YouTube.

Rearrange the words they say to your liking, then combine them with other videos to create video footage that is as creative and unique as possible. Please pour your creativity in this new application Bard - Video Assembler.

2. Cornerfly

Most smartphones today have designs with rounded corners. In addition to looking more sexy, rounded corners also make the smartphone more stable in the hand.

Well app Cornerfly This allows the smartphone interface to have rounded corners as well as the LG G6 display. Jaka has tried it and the results are quite impressive, which is able to change the appearance to be smoother and pleasing to the eye.

Well the application is free, but you can upgrade to the Pro version to support developers and get more complete features. Only Rp. 14 thousand, that's if you like it.

3. Energy Bar

Tired of the same old smartphone battery display? Energy Bar is the answer. This customization application allows you to display the battery on top of the status bar in an attractive manner.

Yes, maybe this is trivial. However, it's worth a try to give your favorite Android smartphone a new look. Perfect for those of you who always want to be different.

4. Focus Timer Reborn

The next latest application for Android users is Focus Timer Reborn to increase productivity. Yes, this is not an app with new functionality and there are already similar apps like Brain Focus. But, with a new look.


Now Focus Timer Reborn also relies on the pomodoro technique to increase productivity. Where requires you to focus on 25 minutes of work, 5 minutes of rest, after 4 long 30 minute breaks.

5. Hangouts Meet

Hangouts Meet from Google is a video meeting service that focuses on video conferencing. This new service supports video conferencing for 30 people at once, and users do not need to create an account or download any additional applications.

In addition, Meet also allows users to join video conferences via the Calendar app and invites shared via email. This video conferencing service is also integrated with G Suite, so every user can get information about meetings automatically, the data is taken from Calendar.

6. IQBoxy - Receipts & Expenses

If you are developing a start-up or a business, a financial management program is certainly very important. Well, if you had to pay a lot to rent it first developer, now you can rely on Android apps.

The newest one is IQBoxy - Receipts & Expenses. To help you track expenses and digitize notes, bills, or other receipts. Well, if you are suitable, there is a pro version available to enjoy more complete features.

7. Meteor

Another recent Android app is Meteor which is an application to test your internet speed. Which displays applications such as download speed, upload, and ping.

The plus point of Meteor is that this application displays suggestions on what applications are suitable for your internet connection. This app is completely free and without any in-app purchases or ads, worth a try.

Those are the 7 best new apps on Android in the April edition according to JalanTikus' choice that deserve your attention.

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