how to use marshmallow's doze feature on your smartphone

Doze is the latest feature in Android M to save battery. But it turns out that there are many similar applications that we can install on our Android smartphones without having to update to Marshmallow

You must already know the latest features in Android Marshmallow that is Doze. This feature is believed to save Android battery more efficiently. This feature has actually been in development for quite a while but can only be released on Android Marshmallow. Doze has a working principle by turning off all applications running on the Internet background to save battery. Well, indeed one of the main causes of wasteful battery life is because of the many applications running on it background even if the smartphone is not in use. The Doze feature was developed to save battery and optimize battery life. Even with this feature we can save battery up to 3 times.

Doze on Android Marshmallow is really capable of making smartphone batteries and RAM much more efficient and durable. So you don't have to hesitate anymore toupdates your smartphone to Android Marshmallow. Well, what if your smartphone can't beupdates to Marshmallows? You don't have to worry because there are several applications that work like Doze and can save Android smartphone battery up to 3 times.

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7 Doze-like Apps for Android

There are several applications that actually work in a similar way to Doze on Marshmallow, which is to save battery. But there are even applications that add certain features as a complement. Here are 7 apps that work similarly to Doze on Marshmallow.

1. Doze for Better Battery Life

The name is the same. However, Doze for Better Battery Life is a third-party application to optimize battery usage on Android. This application is different from Power-saving mode on Android Lollipop. Feature power-saving on Lollipop it only turns off the data connection and then reactivates it when the user opens the application in question. In this Doze, users only need to turn on their smartphone screen and automatically data connections and applications can be reused. Special, Doze on Android Marshmallow is only active when the smartphone is left for 30 minutes. While on Doze for Better Battery Life You can activate this feature at any time.

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2. Naptime

Same as the previous application. Naptime also disable some apps working in background to save battery. The difference is, Naptime has more complete features but to use your Android smartphone you must be in a state that has been installed.root.

3. Greenify

Application Greenify It also has the ability to turn off battery-draining Android apps when not in use. Greenify disables running apps by killing processes service on the application. Almost the same as the Doze feature on Android Marshmallow. Unfortunately, Greenify's disabled applications cause the application to be unable to perform push notifications and updates when turned off.

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4. Shutapp

Shutapp has features similar to Doze on Android Marshmallow. This application turns off applications that are running on background which is not used. Uniquely, Shutapp can still receive push notifications even if the application is turned off. Well, it's very useful for those of you who want to save battery but stay connected to social media or chat.

5. Doze Now (root)

Although still in Beta stage, Doze Now decent enough to use. This application is lighter than the others. Doze Now also kills apps running on background when not in use. Unfortunately, when the Android screen is reactivated, this app doesn't automatically turn back on what was previously turned off. You have to manually open the application that has been turned off. Doze Now also requires access root for the smartphone in use. However, this application is considered to be able to save more Android battery power.

6. Hibernation Manager

Hibernation Manager is also an application that can save the battery of Android devices such as Doze. This app can also turn off some software active ones that drain the battery. You can freely choose which applications will be disabled when the screen is turned off. In addition, if your smartphone has beenroot, then you can use the CPU Hibernation feature. Where this application makes the CPU work in the lowest frequency so that it saves smartphone battery.

7. Doze Battery Saver

Doze Battery Saver claimed to be quite effective in saving battery by turning off unused applications. You can also easily choose which applications to turn off. It's best not to turn off social apps or messenger because Doze Battery Saver does not automatically reactivate applications that have been turned off. You have to open each application manually via the menu settings on this Doze Battery Saver.

Those were some of the apps that are similar to the Doze feature on Android Marshmallow. The goal, of course, is to save battery on the smartphone. You can choose one of them to use and of course, with this application you can experience the Doze feature on Marshmallow without having to upgrade your Android smartphone operating system.