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7 youtube channels cover the best songs in the world

Are you a music lover? Enjoy listening to songs? Here are some YouTube channels that offer the best song cover video content.

Storing a lot of interesting video content, it's no wonder that YouTube is one of the most popular video streaming services for young people today to find entertainment.

Besides being filled with a variety of interesting videos, YouTube is also enlivened by many channels that offer a variety of interesting content ranging from gaming, pranks, to music.

Talking about music, there are currently a lot of youtubers with the main content of song cover videos on their youtube channel which is no less good than the original version, you know.

YouTube Channel Cover Best Songs

In addition to prank content that is in great demand by many people, song cover content also attracts the public's attention, especially those who like music.

Well, for those of you who prefer to listen to cover songs than the original version, here are some YouTube channels that offer the best song cover video content, gang.

1. Postmodern Jukebox

Joined since last December 2008, channel Postmodern Jukebox is one of the YouTube channels that provides a lot of video cover songs in it, gang.

Actively uploading his works once a week, Postmodern Jukebox often covers hits that are currently popular in the community.

Interestingly, this channel covers these popular songs into different genres from the original and is dominated by vintage genres such as jazz.

Even so, but this doesn't necessarily make their cover songs sound ugly and old-fashioned, you know, gang.

Until now, the Postmodern Jukebox YouTube channel already has more than subscribers 4 million subscribers.

2. PTXofficial

PTXofficial or pentatonix is a YouTube channel owned by an a cappella group from Texas whose members consist of Mitch Grassi, Scott Hoying, Kristie Maldonado, Matthew Sallee, and Kevin Olusola.

Starting his music career from an a cappella talent search event The Sing-Off, Pentatonix then began uploading cover videos of their songs on their YouTube channel.

Their cover of a cappella songs is unique and pleasant to listen to, making it one of the channels with the highest number of subscribers with more than 17 million subscribers, gang.

3. Walk Off The Earth

Walk Off The Earth (WOTE) is a YouTube channel belonging to an indie pop band from Burlington, Ontario.

This channel has succeeded in attracting the public's attention through their cover songs which can be considered unique and interesting thanks to the use of unusual musical instruments such as the ukulele, thermin, and others.

In fact, in one of the videos when covering the song Shape Of You, the band uses musical instruments that look like small pipes.

But, even though they use a unique musical instrument, the results of this group cover are no less good than the original version, you know, gang.

Evidently, this channel already has more than 3.6 million subscribers. WOTE joined YouTube in 2008.

4. Conor Maynard

In addition to having a handsome face, this YouTuber also often uploads cover videos of songs through his YouTube channel, which is named Conor Maynard.

Not only covering songs alone, Conor also sometimes invites other music youtubers to do this through his content called Sing Off, gang.

In addition, Conor also has several single songs that he has uploaded on his YouTube channel.

His melodious and distinctive voice makes this channel has managed to reach more than more than subscribers 9 million yes, gang.

5. The Sam Tsui

Joined YouTube since 2011, YouTube channel The Sam Tsui become one of the music channels that are worthy for you to watch, gang.

Through his channel, the man whose real name is Samuel Tsui often uploads cover videos of popular songs that are currently being hit in the community.

In contrast to cover songs in general, Samuel often covers two songs at the same time or what he calls content mashup.

With a variety of cover videos for songs that he uploaded on his YouTube channel, The Sam Tsui already has more than 3 million subscribers, gang.

6. Boyce Avenue

Maybe many of you are already familiar with the name of this YouTuber, yes, gang.

Have more than 12 million subscribers, browse content from YouTube channel Boyce Avenue this is almost all filled with video covers of popular songs.

This man with a melodious voice also often creates cover video content using musical instruments such as guitar or piano, gang.

Just like other youtubers, Boyce also sometimes duets with other singers when making video cover songs for his YouTube channel.

7. Kurt Hugo Schneider

The next YouTube channel that also has a lot of song cover video content is Kurt Hugo Schneider, gang.

Not just an ordinary song cover, Kurt who is a music producer also sometimes shows the process of making his instrument before finally making a cover video for his song.

In addition, Kurt also sometimes invites popular singers such as Billie Eilish to be his duet partner when covering songs.

Apart from song cover videos, Kurt also sometimes creates video content remake like one of them when he remake Darude's Sandstorm music using the voice of a gaming youtuber, PewDiePie.

To date, Kurt Hugo Schneider's own channel has more than 12 million subscribers.

Well, those were some YouTube channels that have the world's best song cover video content in them, gang.

For you music lovers, basically the YouTube channels that Jaka has written above are a must for you to watch, gang!

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