game review: play the 'peju' so you don't get the wrong target

Tired of the same games? Looks like you have to try this one Peju Game. From the name it looks strange, especially if you play it, you will feel the sensation.

Talking about games is endless, especially games used on Android smartphones. Many cool games have sprung up along with the development of Android smartphones. Some time ago we were shocked by a game with the name Flappy Bird. Games that have gameplay This simple yet complicated thing was very popular in the AppStore and PlayStore at that time. However, because of the developer disliked fame, finally the game was revoked in Playstore nor AppStore.

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Unlike Flappy Bird, in review this time JalanTikus will introduce a game that both have gameplay simple, but to win it is not easy. The name of this game is Cum, the name of the game might sound a little ridiculous to some. However, the games offered by this game are not as ridiculous as the name suggests.

Game Fighter Review

You can download Peju directly from JalanTikus. After installing and starting to open the game. You will see the initial appearance of the game which is dominated by purple color with the cute icon of the Peju along with his name.

Below the icon and its name, there is a Start button which if you press it you will immediately start the game. Unlike Flappy Bird where to move the bird you have to press the screen. In this Game, you just need to shake your Android left and right to move it.

However, the resulting shake is very sensitive. This makes the difficulty of the game even more difficult. When starting the game, Cum That cute white color will be in the middle of your Android screen.

You have to be really careful when rocking the Peju. Because of its very high sensitivity, it will make it easy for Peju to shift left or right. At the end of the game you can do retry in the lower right column or if your score is good, you can directly share it on Facebook.

The conclusion is that this game has pretty good graphics to watch over and over again. Gameplayit's not too difficult but really requires extra patience. This fighter is very suitable to be played when you are waiting for someone or when we are bored. Besides Peju, you can download software for free or read many other interesting articles on JalanTikus. Good luck!

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