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7 horror movie scenes that were cut because they were too disgusting

Considered to have scenes that are too gruesome and disgusting to be shown, the following scenes in the following horror films had to be removed.

It is common knowledge that stories in horror films are deliberately made to be very scary to give a scary impression to the audience.

Creepy scenes have become a natural thing that must be found in horror films, especially Hollywood horror films.

Unfortunately, not infrequently some of the scenes that have been recorded are actually considered too terrible and disgusting, so it was finally decided to cut them from the film.

What movies are they? Come on, find out the answer in the full article below!

Scenes in Horror Movies that were Cut because they were too disgusting

Not only are horror films with scary and thrilling stories, some of the following horror films even have scenes that were cut because they were too disgusting to show, you know.

1. A Serbian Film (2010)

Directed by director Srdjan Spasojevic, A Serbian Film has been known as a horror film with the saddest scenes in it.

This film itself tells the story of a porn star who is struggling financially and finally agrees to play in an art film that turns out to be full of pedophilic and necrophilic themes.

Although actually almost all the scenes presented in this film are enough to make the audience goosebumps, but apparently there are still some scenes that are more sinister than that which were eventually canceled.

The scenes are scenes of child rape and sexual depictions of children with a duration of four minutes that appear in the version uncut A Serbian Film.

For that reason, it's no wonder that this controversial horror film has been banned in several countries including Spain, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and several other countries.

2. It (2017)

Is one of the best horror films adapted from the novel Stephen King, It managed to change the image of a clown that is known to be funny to be scary.

Even thanks to the story it presents, the film It managed to reap a profit of up to US$700 million and successfully made it the 5th highest grossing R-rated film.

However, behind the scary story he displayed, who would have thought that there were still some scenes that were cut because they were considered too disgusting, you know, gang.

The scene is when a mother allows Pennywise to eat her own baby so that the evil clown figure does not threaten the safety of many others.

The film itself tells the story of a group of children who are trying to unravel the mystery of the child-killing clown named Pennywise who appears once every 27 years.

3. From Beyond (1986)

Released in 1986, From Beyond is an American science fiction horror film that offers a very scary and disgusting story.

However, the scary scene shown in this film is apparently no more terrifying and disgusting than the scene that was finally canceled for airing, you know, gang.

In fact, the film From Beyond had to go back and forth to Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) 12 times before finally getting an R rating.

A very disgusting scene that finally had to be cut when one of the scientists, Dr. Tillinghast, bit a woman's eye and took out her brain

4. The Human Centipede 2 (2011)

Is one of the films with the most sadistic murder scenes until it was banned from showing, the film The Human Centipede 2 directed by Tom Six finally got marketing authorization after making some adjustments.

The presence of the sequel to The Human Centipede is indeed quite controversial considering the many sadistic and gruesome scenes that are shown in the story.

This film tells the figure of a psychopath named Martin Lomax who is very obsessed with the film The Human Centipede and plans to create a human centipede using 12 humans.

With improvised equipment, Martin is shown performing amateur surgery on 12 people by sewing their mouths into the buttocks of people in front of them to resemble centipedes.

However, a particularly disgusting scene in which Martin wraps his penis in barbed wire and rapes the last woman to fall victim to his "human centipede" must eventually be removed from the film.

5. Paranormal Activity (2007)

It is one of the films made on a low budget. Paranormal Activity in fact able to earn a fantastic profit of up to $ 273 million.

However, all the horrible scenes that you watch in this film are not fully presented in the story, you know, gang.

In fact, there are still some scenes that are considered even more terrible and disgusting which are finally removed.

The cut scene is when Katie stares at the camera and then cuts her own neck.

This horrible scene is presented in an alternative version of Paranormal Activity that shows the entire scene.

6. Man Bites Dog (1992)

Awarded as Best Movies at the Belgian Film Critics Association (UCC), film Man Bites Dog which was released in 1992 and then apparently saved some terrible scenes that finally had to be removed from the film.

This film itself tells the story of a group of filmmakers who make a documentary about a killer.

Within days the crew followed the figure Ben (Benoit Poelvoorde), a killer who sees killing as a passion in modern society.

The film eventually removes some of the scenes where the film crew is shown to be involved in rape and also the scene where a child of an upper-class couple is murdered.

However, the gruesome scene still aired in the version uncut Man Bites Dog movie.

7. Hostel (2005)

Featuring the adventure story of three young people heading to a Slovak city who are then trapped in a cycle of brutal torture, it's no wonder that there are some scenes in the film Hostel this was finally removed.

The deleted scene is a scene showing a person's Achilles tendon being torn as well as the violence that occurred at the Eli Roth Hostel which is considered to cause psychological anxiety for the audience.

Not only getting a small rating, this film also received opposition from Slovak officials who were not happy with how this film depicted their country.

Not only that, Hostel is also one of the horror films that are prohibited from showing in a number of countries.

Well, those were some horror films in which some of the scenes in them had to be deleted because they were considered too scary and disgusting, gang.

Even so, some films still release versions uncutit's for viewers who are curious about the whole story.

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