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not a hoax! this is how to install fingerprint on android screen

Smartphone vendors are now developing fingerprint scanners directly on the smartphone screen. Jaka has a shortcut for those of you who want to have a feature like this!

The privacy factor is important in smartphone development. Then comes a sophisticated security system starting from the use of fingerprint scanner on the HP body, use face recognition, and what is being developed is fingerprint scanning simply by touching the screen.

Vivo vendors have already introduced their smartphone prototypes with features in-display fingerprint scanner. So you want to have that kind of feature too? Jaka has a way!

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How to Install Fingerprint on Android Screen

The method is very easy guys, with this application you seem to have super advanced features, namely: on-screen fingerprint sensor.

Step 1

First you have to download an application called Fingerprint Lock Screen, you can download via the link below guys!

Apps Utilities DOWNLOAD

After downloading, install the application. This application is guaranteed not to burden the performance of your smartphone, guys. Once installed, open the app and you will get a configuration screen.

You can change the background of the wallpaper, setting the tone, and the vibration of this lockscreen. When finished return to home, and the application will automatically work.

Step 2

After the configuration is complete, this application will work immediately and you can try it right away. Turn off the screen and then turn it back on. Place your finger on the scanner icon for a moment, then release it.

This application does not make your smartphone really have fingerprint sensor technology, guys. This is only lockscreen which looks like a fingerprint scanner. But this application can make your smartphone look more sophisticated, right.

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