BBM officially stopped operating, these are the facts that make us sad!

One of the chat applications that used to be a favorite is BlackBerry Messenger. Unfortunately, this service will be closing soon.

PING! Our BlackBerry beeps, indicating an incoming message. Oh, it turns out that our friend has been trying to contact us for a long time, so he sends PING repeatedly.

Maybe that piece of memory is in our memories, the service users BlackBerry Messenger or what we often shorten as BBM.

The sad news is that it's coming soon BBM service will be closed so this app will soon be just a memory.

BBM Officially Closed

BBM service has been announced to be closed on May 31, 2019. BlackBerry parties provide a time lag so that active users can move their data.

According to his blog, Emtek as the company that took over BBM since 2016 gave reasons why BBM had to close.

The tech industry is highly volatile, and despite our great efforts, users have moved to other platforms while login users are very hard to come by.

What is closed is only the regular version of BBM, while services BBMe more exclusive with more complete features will still exist.

If you're having trouble move on, you can use the BBMe by paying $2.50 or IDR 36,000 every six months.

Why BBM (and BlackBerry) Can Fail?

Although in recent years BBM has attempted to add some new features such as Uber calling, in reality they are powerless against the competition.

They don't innovate fast enough. When Android and iOS came to the fore, BlackBerry didn't respond properly.

BlackBerry doesn't make Android devices and maintain their own operating system like Nokia.

In fact, they still maintain keyboard physical and did not replace it with a touch screen, maybe because they feel confident with their BBM.

Of course, such mobile phone designs are considered out of date, so that in the end many people switch to other, more modern smartphones.

In addition, BlackBerry is more focused on corporations, so that products for consumers are not optimal.

Then came chat applications that are better and more interesting than BBM. WhatsApp, Line, Facebook Messenger, until Telegram make BBM look old fashioned.

For example, why use a BB PIN if it's more practical to use a phone number? Although effective at preventing unknown people, this feature actually backfires because it is complicated.

In addition, the applications above also have more advanced features as well as emojis or emojis sticker which is more complete than BBM.

The combination of the failure of BlackBerry hardware and the emergence of a very formidable chat application competitor made BBM finally have to be retired.

Interesting Facts About BBM

With this farewell, Jaka wants to tell you some interesting facts about BBM that we will miss.

Release Date

Photo source: News Track English

BBM first appeared in 2005, before Android and iOS were not yet born so there was no WhatsApp or Line application.

Initially, BBM could only be used on BlackBerry devices. In 2013, BBM was released for Android and iOS devices.

In 2016, the company from Indonesia Emtek Group make acquisitions of BBM services. This is natural because Indonesia is one of the largest fuel markets in the world.

Unfortunately, in 2019, Emtek decided to close BBM due to several things that Jaka mentioned above.

Identical Features of BBM

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For users, there are many identical things from BBM that will not be forgotten and are not shared by other chat applications.

One of them is feature PING which serves to remind the recipient of our message to check his cellphone.

In addition, BBM can also find out what song we are listening to and display it on the status. In fact, if you are watching an obscene video, you can get caught!

BBM is also synonymous with features broadcast which he has. With this feature, we can send one message to many people at once.

The exchange of PIN numbers will also be remembered because only BBM is like that. There are many features that will make you miss BBM!

BBM Terms

Photo source: CrackBerry Forums

Not only features, there are also many terms that originally came from BBM. Examples that Jaka has mentioned are PING and PIN.

Every message on BBM will have a status D (delivery) or R (read). We can know if our message arrived and has been read by the recipient of the message.

Then there is also the term Delcont alias delete contact. Usually, we will do this when we are angry with our friend so we delete the contact.

Other terms such as DP (Display Picture), PM (Personal Message), DN (Display Name), TC (Test Contact) and others we still use today.

So that's him interesting facts from BBM which is now just a memory. It's a bit sad to have to part with BBM.

But we have to move on, gang! There are still other applications that you can use to communicate with other people.

Well, although some might say some people move on, but not us a la Captain America because of his love for BBM.

What is the most unforgettable moment for you? Write in the comments column, yes!

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