10 dota 2 heroes with the best level 25 talents

Valve always provides regular _update patches_ for Dota 2, especially patch 7.00 which is enough to change the style of the game as well as make the gameplay more attractive.

Valve always delivers update patches routine for Dota 2, especially patch 7.00 which is enough to change the style of the game while making gameplay more attractive. One of the interesting updates is the addition of the system talent tree, ie players can choose one of the options to upgrade their heroes.

In the past, before the Talent Tree, players only focused on level 16 to maximize ultimate skills them, players are now given the option to upgrade one of the hero's attributes or skills during the game. Well, this time I will reveal 10 Heroes who are considered to have the best level 25 Talent, curious? Let's look at the following.

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1. Wraith King

Level 25: Reincarnation Casts Wraithfire Blast or No Reincarnation Mana Cost

Hero Wraith King will usually be picked at the end, this is to avoid the enemy preparing a hero counter to spend Whereher during the game. Therefore, often Skill No Reincarnation Mana Cost not always useful, in contrast to Reincarnation Casts Wraithfire which can still boomerang on the enemy when WK dies even if there is a hero counter, the enemy will still be stunned and this can be converted into slick momentum to strike back.

2. Lich

Level 25: Attacks Apply 30% MS and AS Slow or +35 Ice Armor Structure Armor

There is always an option for Lich who want to appear attacking or defending with the talent given this time. At talent Attacks Apply 30% MS, Lich will get attack power increased by almost half, it's like he got Skadi items without having to fill the bag during play. Meanwhile, talent +35 Armor Structure will provide Lich's ice protection to be tougher and harder for enemies to penetrate.

3. Abbadon

Level 25: +300 Aphotic Shield Health or +25 Strength

Talent Aphotic Shield Health will make Abbadon a tanker heroes calculated enough, this power can make this hero absorb and restore damage to the enemy every 5 seconds.

4. Mirana

Level 25: +2 Multishoot Sacred Arows or +100 Leap Attack Speed

Talent +100 Leap Attack Speed ​​can make Mirana kill faster and easier, this talent will really help Mirana in hitting the enemy. Whereas, talent +2 Multishoot Sacred Arrows will be very useful when the enemy is gathering because it can give a stun effect.

5. Outworld Devourer

Level 25: +8% Spell Amplification or +60s Arcane Orb Intelligance Steal

Talent +60s Arcane Orb Intelligance Steal can make Devourer steal attribute intelligence enemy for 2 minutes, stolen enemy int will deal a large bonus damage to make him beat his enemies.

6. Invoker

Level 25: -18s Tornado Cooldown or AoE Defening Blast

Talent that is quite troublesome for his enemies who face Invoker, namely talent Tornado Cooldown. This talent can make Invoker easily fly his enemies into the air. Meanwhile, the AoE Defening Blast talent can also be very helpful in certain conditions.

7. Clockwerk

Level 25: +10s Battery Assault Duration or +400 Health

Wow, this is one of the best talents that Clockwerk has, namely Battery Assault Duration. With these talents, Clockwerk able to perform battery Assault skills without stopping, with this talent also makes Clockwerk a very troublesome enemy when in the game base.

8. Prophet

Level 25: 2x Treant HP/Damage or Removed Teleportation Cooldown

Talent Removed Teleportation Cooldown means eliminating the cooldown of the teleportation skill possessed by this hero, this means that he becomes a very troublesome hero because he can take out his subordinates more easily. In fact, if you take 2x Treant HP/Damage talent, you will still get the right power, which is to give strength to his subordinates with 70 damage and 1,100 HP.

9. Puck

Level 25: +75% Illusionary Orb Distance/Speed ​​or +420 Gold/min

The Illusionary Orb Distance/Speed ​​talent will make it easier for Puck to move locations faster. While +420 Gold/min talent will make Puck get extra money every minute, of course this skill will change Puck's playing style so far.

10. Queen of Pain

Level 25: 60% Spell Lifesteal or 550 AoE Shadow Strike

The addition of 60% to the Spell Lifesteal talent will make Queen of Pain no need to worry about blood loss during battle. Plus with extra items lifesteal like Octarine Core which can increase the lifesteal effect of this hero to 96%, WOW!

That's 10 Dota 2 heroes with the best level 25 talent. Do you want to add more heroes? Don't hesitate to share your feedback in the comments below.