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7 forbidden apps not on google play store

Do you believe that there are forbidden apps that aren't on the Play Store? In fact it's a great app that isn't on the Play Store and has amazing functionality.

Google Play Store is a service from Google where we can get various Android services. Starting from applications, books, and movies. We can get various types of applications ranging from social media to utilities.

But it turns out that there are also some very sophisticated applications, but they are not available on Google Play because they do not pass their regulations.

This could be for several reasons, one of which is a matter of copyright. Jaka has this list forbidden app is not in Google Play Store.

Collection of Forbidden Apps Not on Google Play Store

Google does have special regulations for developers to be able to present their applications on the Google Play Store.

However, not all applications can pass Google's strict rules, even though their applications are very sophisticated like some of these banned applications.

1. Tube Mate

For those of you who like streaming videos, especially on Youtube, you really want this sophisticated application. Tube Mate is an application that can download videos into the HP memory from the Youtube application.

Besides Youtube, this application can also download videos from Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and others. In addition to downloading video format files, you can also download them into audio formats.

Download Tube Mate via the link below:

Tubemate Apps Downloader & Plugin DOWNLOAD

2. Adskip

Do you like watching YouTube and have to wait for ads before you can watch videos? Well, this one forbidden application on the Play Store is the solution guys.

Adskip will automatically skip the ads on Youtube. To use it, you don't need to root your cellphone, you don't need to use a VPN or proxy.

But for those of you who want to get rid of ads on Android phones in full, try following this method: Easy Ways to Remove Ads on Android Phones.

Other Prohibited and Advanced Apps...

3. Whatsapp Plus

The Whatsapp Plus application is arguably the cooler version of Whatsapp. This application works the same as Whatsapp that is as a service instant messaging, However given some modifications inside it.

Call it the hide feature last seen, can change app theme, enable always mode on line, and others.

Download WhatsApp Plus via the link below:

JalanTikus Social & Messaging Apps DOWNLOAD

4. Netease

Netease is the most advanced and completely free music streaming service application guys! This application is like China's Spotify which gives free access to thousands of songs.

No ads, no subscription, you can download songs, and lyrics are available in the application. So this application is really indulgent for those of you who like to listen to music.

5. WiFi Kill

Want to connect to wifi but it keeps failing? It could be because the quota is full guys. Well this WiFi Kill application will help you to do this disconnect or disconnect other devices connected by WiFi.

That way you can connect your gadget to wifi freely. Although this application is prohibited on the Play Store, ApkVenue has prepared the APK below.

Download WiFi Kill via the link below:

Apps Productivity Wifi Kill DOWNLOAD

6. OG Youtube

OG Youtube works like the official Youtube app from Google. However, this sophisticated application has additional cool features.

Starting from being able to download many videos at once, being able to play videos with the screen off, being able to download only in audio format, and others.

For Youtube lovers, this application can be an alternative for you.

7. VideoMix

The last advanced application is VideoMixguys. This application provides services streaming videos, TV shows and movies at absolutely no cost.

To use it you don't need to log in or anything like that, just open it and enjoy lots of videos for free.

You can also download your favorite videos into smartphone memory.

Download VideoMix via the link below:

Videomix Video & Audio Apps DOWNLOAD

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Those are the recommendations for advanced applications that are forbidden and not available on the Jaka version of the Google Play Store.

You can use these applications as an alternative if you need an application with additional features that are more sophisticated than the official version.

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