how to change mobile legends account, fast and easy!

Here's how to change your Mobile Legends account and associate it with a social media account that's easy to do. Read more here!

How to change a Mobile Legends account can be done easily without having to delete an ML account, you know.

If you are bored with your main account and want to play using smurf account so you can play like a beginner again, it's better if you change accounts.

Indeed, Mobile Legends as one of the best MOBA games always presents the latest game elements that make players addicted to keep playing it.

Therefore, it's even more fun if you have one 2 accounts or more that you can take turns playing! See how, come on.

How to Change Mobile Legends Account Quickly and Easily

If you've been confused about how to play 2 Mobile Legends accounts at once on the same cellphone, the following steps will really help you.

Moreover, you no longer need to wait until you reach level 8 to change the ML account.

The method is not complicated, only 4 steps! Follow these steps, yes.

Before starting, of course you must have the Mobile Legends application first on your cellphone. If you don't have it, install it here first, OK?

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Here are the steps.

  1. From page Home, open Profile by clicking on your profile photo at the top left of the screen.
  1. After entering the profile, click Account settings in the list at the bottom left of the screen.

You can also see the latest Mobile Legends rank that you got on this profile page.

  1. Click Change Account.
  1. Choose which account to use as login method other accounts.

For example, if you used the previous Facebook account login, for the next account you can change to a MOONTON account.

How to Link/Bind Mobile Legends Account

Maybe you already know how to play Mobile Legends on PC, but don't know how to link your game to various social media? Just like how to change accounts, this is also very easy!

For that, follow the steps that Jaka will explain below, yes.

  • Open the Mobile Legends game.

  • Go to your profile located at the top left.

  • Click option Account Settings which is located at the bottom left.
  • choose Bind Account to associate your ML account with one of your personal accounts. ApkVenue recommends choosing Facebook which is generally used by people for binding.
  • Finished! Your account is already linked to your personal Facebook. Never press "Facebook Unbind" which is in one of the options, yes.

That's how to easily change your Mobile Legends account as well as how to link it to your social media. Quick and practical, right?

If you want to push rank, don't forget to use the strongest Mobile Legends hero to keep winning. good luck!

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