10 best gallery apps to save photos on android

Although they have the same functionality, not all Android gallery apps are of high quality. Some tend to work very well with good design and speed. But there are also those that are not recommended.

Although it has the same function, but not all applications Android gallery quality. Some tend to work very well with good design and speed. But there are also those that are not recommended.

Well of all the gallery applications on the market. This time, Jaka wants to summarize just a few that are enough worth considering. Instead of lingering, let's just look at the following Jaka's review!

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1. A+ Gallery

Image source: Image: Google Playstore Although it looks simple, this gallery app has support for connecting Dropbox, Amazon Cloud, and Facebook. With it you can save both photo and video files by offline or on line. This app also has the best security feature where you can hide private photos. This app is available for free and paid for premium features.

2. F-Stop Gallery

Photo source: Image: Google Playstore As one of the oldest gallery apps, F-Stop Media Gallery has a simple and clean design that is reinforced by first-class features. You can search photos by metadata (including: EXIF, XMP, and IPTC). With the 'Smart Album' feature, you can manage photo storage manually. The most favorite thing about this application, namely can play GIF.

3. Focus

Photo source: Image: Google Playstore Of all lists, Focus Picture Gallery is the most comprehensive application because it has a myriad of the best features. The key to this application is that you can protect gallery from prying eyes through light and dark themes, there's even an additional security setting that lets you change icons. The app is available free of charge and subscription is priced at $1.13/month.

4. PHOTO Gallery

This application offers the ability to manage thousands of photos stored via the sorting feature. You can tag photos, organize albums, even services are available Chromecast. You can also create private albums. The free version has many full features but if you decide to pay, you will be free from ads.

5. Gallery Vault

Photo source: Image: Google Playstore Are you the type who really cares about privacy? Gallery Vault has a private vault feature for Facebook photos hard to spy. This way you can hide photos, videos, and other file types that the app supports. You can also hide the icon so that no one knows how to access it, except you. Even security is available with support fingerprint for Samsung devices.

6. Google Photos

Photo source: Image: Google Playstore Apps Google Photos is based on cloud, where we can upload as many photos and videos as we want according to the data storage capacity. The only drawback is that the pictures and videos will be compressed in Google's High Quality settings. Most users who use this app also have other gallery apps.

7. Photo Gallery HD & Editor

Photo source: Image: Google Playstore This app is not only for photo storage but also video editing with enough storage light and simple. You can do basic things like move photos, delete files, arrange wallpapers, set favorites and share files. With 'Editor', you can do basic edits, like crop, rotate, flip, and apply filters or even doodle if you want. This application loads images quickly and it is quite popular with many people. This application is available for free but includes advertising content in it.

8. PhotoMap

PhotoMap may be one of the strangest gallery apps because it allows users take pictures and save them via location. You can use the map to view photos based on where they were shot. This GPS based gallery app is probably the best among them. You can download it for free or pay for the pro version for $2.99.

9. Piktures

Photo source: Image: Google Playstore Pictures is one of the simplest gallery apps with a rich variety of features. You can sort photos by various things, such as location and you can also hide albums so people don't see them. This app works best on larger screens, so suitable for iPad or Tablet. There is also GIF and Chromecast support. This app also has touch gesture based controls which is easy to use.

10. QuickPic

Photo source: Image: Google Playstore QuickPic was once one of the most popular indie gallery apps, but was eventually bought by Cheetah Mobile. This service allows you to back up photos to 'Cloud'. There are also features editor simple internal photos, supports most files multimedia, and basic features, such as renaming photos, creating albums, and supporting various services 'Cloud'.
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