how to register and ride uber for free without a credit card

UBER Promo Code: YOPIKY8UE. This UBER Promo Code can be used to ride Uber without paying or for free without using a credit card.

Want to use UBER for free without paying and without using a credit card? You can use UBER Promo Code: YOPIKY8UE this. Past Uber Promo Code You will get free UBER rides up to 75 thousand.

UBER is a transportation service that uses Android and iOS applications to order vehicles. If GoJek uses a motorbike, UBER uses a private car as a means of transportation. Even though they both use cars, UBER is cheaper than Taxi or GrabCar.

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How to Register and Ride UBER for Free Without a Credit Card

At the beginning of its launch in Indonesia, UBER's payment system could only be done by credit card. But now users can directly make payments directly cash without a credit card.

How to Register for UBER Without a Credit Card

For those of you who are interested in using UBER for free, you can use the following method when registering.

  • Download UBER and install it on Android.

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  • Open the application, make sure you have activated GPS on Android. If you click Register to register and fill in the data correctly.

  • Before selecting a payment type, select Promo Code, and enter the uber promo code: YOPIKY8UE.

  • You will automatically get a free UBER ride of up to IDR 75,000.

  • Select payment type Cash if you don't have a credit card.

UBER Promo Code For Free UBER Ride

  • If you have already registered and forgot to enter the uber promo code, you can select the menu Promotions and enter uber promo code: YOPIKY8UE.

  • To see the promo, you can choose Payment a sign will appear 1 Free Ride which can be used to ride Uber for free up to 75 thousand rupiah.

That's how to register for UBER without a credit card and how to get a UBER promo code to ride UBER for free. UBER Promo Codes:YOPIKY8UE this can be used to ride UBER for free up to 75 thousand rupiah. If the cost of the trip is more than 75 thousand, you only have to pay the rest.

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