50 gaming terms that you must know, from noob to kid!

Like to play games? If so, you must know these gaming terms, guaranteed to be complete!

In the game world, a lot of terms just pop up. Sometimes, we don't know where the term came from.

Especially if you are someone who is just trying to play a new game. Jaka guarantees that there will be many terms that you don't understand.

Instead of being confused and having a hard time finding a handle, it's better if you read this Jaka article about 50 gaming terms that you must know!

50 Gaming Terms You Must Know

The terms that Jaka will explain to you are used in various games, such as PUBG, Mobile Legends, Dota, and so on.

1. AFK

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Away From Keyboard. This term is used when a player suddenly becomes silent and even disappears in the middle of the game.

2. Auto

Means direct, guaranteed, or certain. Auto-win means guaranteed win, or auto-lose means to lose.

3. Bocil

Little boy. This term arose because many school-age children participated in playing online games.

Often, they know a lot and feel great at playing, even though reality proves otherwise.

4. Bots

Is a character that is driven automatically by a computer. Usually movement bot very predictable so easy for you to kill.

If we meet bot in the PUBG game, then we will get a windfall.

5. BRB

Be Right Back. This word is used when the player has to leave the game for a while to do something else.

Other Terms . . .

6. Buff

Strengths in the game that have an advantageous effect on yourself or teammates.

7. Bugs

Disturbance in the game that often causes us to lose. Sometimes it's funny.

8. By One

Challenge other players to a one-on-one match.

9. Poor/Disabled

This term is applied to those who play badly and cause the team to lose.

10. DC

Disconnect, disconnected from the game either due to network interference or closing the game.

11. God

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The nickname given to players who are good at playing games.

12. DLC

Download Content. Refers to additional downloadable content such as levels, characters, costumes, and so on.

13. DPS

Damage Per Second. This term is used to find out how much damage can be dealt to the opponent every second.

14. Drop

Refers to items that can be obtained after defeating an opponent.

15. Ez

Easy. Spoken when you can finish off your opponent easily.

16. Farming

This word describes the search and collection of currency as well as certain items in the game.

17. FPS

First-Person Shooter. Is a game genre where we see the game as if it were straight from our eyes.

Weapons often seem to float in front of us, of course with our character's hands.

18. FTW!

For The Wins!. Used to encourage friends to win the game. This term is not very popular in Indonesia.

19. GB

Blind Salary or Guide Beginner. This term is used when a player with a higher level or better at helping other players to more easily increase the level or something else.

20. GG

Good Game. This word is often said when the game is over, especially if it is a win.

21. GGWP

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Good Game Well Played. Just like GG.

22. Glitching

This term refers to a condition when we find a bugs on the game.

23. HP

Health Points. This term indicates the life or health of our character in the game. If HP runs out, it means we die.

24. Hode

Starting from Ragnarok, this term refers to male players who claim to be female in the game.

25. Imba

Short imbalance. This means that the state of the game is one-sided or unbalanced. Sometimes it can also refer to other players who are too great from the others.

26. Kill Ratio

Kill ratio. Calculated from number of opponents killed shared the number of matches we have played.

27. Clan/Guild

All games that use a team system can create clans in order to obtain certain advantages. In RPG games, the term Guild used more often.

28. KS

Kill Steal. Other terms trash. Our friends who reduce a lot of blood, but instead we kill.

29. Lag

Problems in the game related to connection, often become a scapegoat when experiencing defeat.

If it happens often, maybe it's time for you to replace your HP with god specs.

30. Leveling

A condition where you are trying to level up your character to a certain extent.

Usually by defeating low level enemies before facing high level enemies.

31. Loot

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Term loot which is used when we find weapons or other equipment in the corpses of opponents that we kill or in other locations. Often used in PUBG games.


Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. Game genre where many people can be in one game at the same time. Examples are World of Warcraft and Black Desert Online.

33. Newbie

Players who are just trying a game for the first time and have very little knowledge of the game.

34. Noob

A term that is often spoken when we are considered weak, make mistakes, and become a burden on a team.

35. NPCs

Non-Player Character. Another term for bots. Commonly used in RPG genre games and many of them can give you Side Quest

36. OTG

On the Game. Shows the condition when we have entered the game.

37. Overclocking

Occurs when we set the processor and memory to run beyond a predetermined speed limit.

38. Ping

An information about the speed of our internet connection. The lower the Ping, the better.


Player Kill. This term is used when killing another person's character.

40. PvP

Player vs Player. One of the game modes that allows us to fight against other players directly.

41. PvE

Player versus Enemy. The opposite of PvP, this mode allows us to fight bots or characters driven by the computer system.

42. Quest

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The term task or mission in games, usually RPG games.

43. Savage

A term that is often mentioned when a player manages to beat an opponent with an unusual trick.

44. Smurfs

Account with level or rank small.

45. Spam

Using the same moves over and over again until the opponent feels lazy to face us.

46. ​​swt

Sweat. Has the same meaning as tired of or Geez.

47. Toxic

The nickname given when a teammate is rude, self-serving, and difficult to manage.

48. Troll

Crazy, silly. Sometimes playing games just to annoy his friends.

49. Ulti

The ultimate move that can only be issued when gathering energy to a certain level.

50. XP/EXP

Experience Point. Used to level up our character by completing certain missions.

So that's him gaming terms what you should know, gang! You know another term that Jaka hasn't mentioned? Write in the comments column, yes!

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