10 best file sharing sites for sending large files

Want to easily send large attachments? Here are the 10 Best File Sharing Sites for Sending Large Data.

Have you ever had a hard time when you had to send large files by e-mail? While file attachments in emails have a maximum limit of 25MB only. Well, one solution is that you canupload your file to file sharing site.

Nowadays, the need to send large files is increasing. According to Fossbytes, upload files to cloud storage services can indeed be a practical alternative, of course you have to maintain the security of the privacy of the file. Therefore, ApkVenue has summarized the 10 best free file sharing sites for sending large files online on line.

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1. ShareByLink

ShareByLink is one of the file sites share and upload best file for sending large files, free, no registration required and no hassle. You can directly upload files via the web or through applications available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Interestingly, when you upload, you will get a link which can be shared instantly. That means you don't have to wait until the upload is complete to send link the. Oh yes, link it is valid for 30 days.

2. Droplr

Droplr is a popular file sharing site that makes sending large files easier. Droplr supports all file types, but is best suited for sharing image files because it has the ability to add captions to photos.

You can login using a Google account, after that you can share files very easily, just live drag and drop just. The free version of Droplr has one major drawback, namely link of the file only lasted one week. In the premium version, you will get more additional features such as protection password, feature self-destruct, and hidden URLs.

3. PlusTransfer

File site share The next best way to send large files is PlusTransfer. Its use is also easier and simpler, does not require registration or create an account. You also don't need to install software. You just need to open uploader by on line, click big + button, select the file, then enter the email address, and press send.

This service is 100% free and allows you to upload files up to 5GB in size for free. Yes, PlusTransfer really offers the simplest method to share large files and you don't need any technical knowledge.

4. SendThisFile

Advantages of file sharing sites SendThisFile is safety features, which allows you to securely send and receive large files. Apart from that, SendThisFile is also feature rich and you can subscribe for a low cost to get all the features.

Whether for individuals or businesses, you can safely and easily send files of any size, anywhere in the world. For secure file sharing, SendThisFile uses 128-bit encryption. You can subscribe to get 500GB of storage on line and 14 days file access. For the free version, it is limited to 2GB.

5. Dropcanvas

Dropcanvas is a website online file sharing which is quite popular for sharing lots of files with other people. The interface is simple and interactive which makes things easy. You just do drap and drop files for share, you can also see preview of the file you have uploaded.

Dropcanvas allows you to share data files up to a maximum limit of 5GB with 14 days of storage for the free version. There is also a paid version, where Dropcanvas provides up to 100GB of storage space with unlimited storage time.

6. GE.TT

Excess GE.TT is that it allows you to upload multiple files at the same time, you can just drag and drop. There is an option to share files directly on Facebook and other social media. Uploaded files will be deleted automatically within 30 days.

By signing up, you get 2GB of free storage space. If not, you can decide to subscribe with upgrade to a premium account to get more features and storage space.

7. Snaggy

Snaggy is basically a tool for sharing photos. To share online files and screenshots simply without installing or downloading software. With the press of a few buttons, you can copy images to clipboard and direct paste on the web interface. You can directly edit screenshots before sharing it.

8. Files2U

Same as above application, Files2U is one of the best free file sharing websites for sending large files. To use this service, you do not need to register. Just enter some addresses, your name, select a file, and hit the upload button. Files2U will send a pin number to the recipient which can be used to open the file. So, make sure the file is safe.

9. Wikisend

The next is Wikisend which is a free file sharing service that can solve the need on line you. Web uploader It has a simple interface that allows a maximum file size of 100MB. Please note that files with life time 1-7 days, get full speed support. You are also allowed to set a password to protect files.

10. File Dropper

File Dropper is an alternative file sharing site that has a simple appearance. Interface of web uploader it's fairly clean, and only asks you to select a file and the job it does. You can upload files up to 5GB in size and serve immediately link to be shared. The file will last up to 30 days. After the upload is complete, you will get a code embed to share on websites and forums. Still not enough, stay upgrade to premium to get access to up to 250GB.

10 file sharing websites to send large files above, of course, has advantages and disadvantages of each. Recorded ShareByLink is the most complete because it's free and available in both desktop and mobile applications uploader web. But, the interesting part is because of the source code open source, and you can use server itself to improve security settings.