google play store error? this is the solution

What happens and what to do if the Google Play Store crashes? Well this time JalanTikus will provide several solutions to the problem when your Google Play Store error.

Android users definitely use Google Play Store as a place to find and install applications. The Google Play Store itself is an application that must be installed on every Android because it makes it easy when there is one updates so it can be automatic updates. But what happens and what to do if Google Play Store error? Well this time JalanTikus will provide some solutions to problems when the Google Play Store is yours error.

Google Play Store Error Solution

1. Clear Google Play Store Cache

The easiest and most likely successful solution error Google Play Store that is with Clear Cache. Cache is a temporary storage result to improve performance when using the Google Play Store again. How to clean cache very easy, just log in Application Manager, choose Google Play Store then Clear Cache.

2. Clear Google Play Store Data

Similar to cleaning Cache but the difference is not only cache but includes stored data such as information. The way to clean it is also the same as when cleaning cache but choose which Clear Data

3. Uninstall Google Play Store Update

Your Android device is not compatible with the latest version of Google Play Store, stay uninstall updatesit and your Google Play Store will be downgraded to the previous version.

4. Clear Google Play Services Cache

Sometimes the problem is the service, and one that plays the role of the service department is Google Play Services. Well if you have done clear cache and clear data on Google Play Store but still no change, try clearing Google Play Services Cache. The method is the same as number 1, but the selected application is Google Play Services.

5. Re-Enable Google Play Services

Same as number 4 when cleaning cache Google Play Services. The method is also the same but the chosen one is Disable. Then Enable again after that.
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6. Install the latest version

Maybe you forgot install updates The latest Google Play Services, we recommend that you always use the latest version so that all services run smoothly.

7. Reset Google Account on Android

Still can't use the Google Play Store with the 6 solutions above? There might be a problem with your Google account. Try sign out then sign in back can be a solution from error Your Google Play Store.

8. Factory Reset

This method is actually not recommended to be done but is the most effective way for all problems on Android because it restores settings and system to the beginning. Before Factory Reset make sure you have done Back Up on your file.

9. Edit Hosts File (Root Only)

If your Android smartphone has beenroot, then you can try this method, namely edit hosts file. This method is quite easy, namely by accessing system/etc/hosts in the File Manager and selecting Edit. Add hashtags (#) in the second number as an example of Becomes # Restart your Android device, re-enter your Google account and try Running the Google Play Store again.

If you have any other ideas or ways as a solution error Google Play Store please comment below. Good luck.