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12 ways to earn money from the internet

Curious about how to get money from the internet easily? Here Jaka summarizes it in full, specifically for beginners and without capital (update 2019).

While you are still young, don't fill your spare time with carelessness, gang. So what?

In today's era, only armed with the internet, you can be productive and get a fairly decent income coffers, you know.

Do not believe? That's why this time Jaka will review how to make money online for beginners easy and guaranteed profit. Come on, see more!

Things to Prepare Before Earning Money on the Internet

Maybe what's on your mind right now, "Is this way of getting money done without a penny of capital?" The answer is, of course you can!

Before discussing further about how to earn money on the internet, you must prepare several important things as follows.

1. Provide Support Tools

Because you want to get from the internet, make sure you need a supporting device to access it, gang.

Well, here you can take advantage of smartphone and also PC or laptop which can access the internet as well as a tool for you to work later, you know.

2. Make sure you have an adequate internet connection

Also make sure you have adequate internet connection, in the sense that the connection is stable and fast.

For Android HP users, you can choose various internet package options from a number of internet packages provider which provides many services and can be customized by choice.

As for PC or laptop users, of course you need an ISP service provider that provides the best facilities, gang.


3. Learn the Ins and Outs of Making Money on the Internet

For those of you who are still beginners in the digital industry, it seems that you need to learn a lot.

The problem is in the internet world, you can get various understandings such as about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), cryptocurrency, and others.

4. Set Up Various Accounts (Email & Social Media)

Then don't forget to set up an account that you will use to earn money from the internet, including social media.

For email accounts, ApkVenue recommends using a different account from your personal one, for example create a new Gmail email, gang.


5. Don't Forget Bank Account

Lastly, you stay set up bank account, it is highly recommended to separate the account used for daily needs.

Oh yes, because you intend to make money on the internet that can come from anywhere, don't miss it too create a PayPal account to make it easier for you to accept payments.

Collection of Ways to Earn Money from the Internet (Update 2019)

Making money from the internet is fairly easy, gang. Moreover, there are many methods that you can do, you know.

If you have prepared the things that have been reviewed in the previous point, now Jaka will give you some How to get money from the internet easy and profitable.

What do you think? Come on, see more below!

1. Trying the App Micro-Tasking

photo source: vidio.com

The first way to get money from the internet can be done only through the hand, only armed with smartphone with install sharing app rewards alias micro-tasking.

If you have already registered and login, then you will be asked for a number of easy tasks. Starting frominstall app unlock smartphone, read news and more.

One example of the application micro-tasking this is whaff, you just simplyinstall application, play and complete missions to earn some money.

Very easy, right? Moreover, to make money from the internet for beginners, you must try it!

Apps Productivity WHAFF DOWNLOAD

2. Complete Paid Online Surveys

Then, you can easily fill out survey on line paid in order to receive a sum of money that can beredeem through your account.

Many survey services on line paid services that offer various conveniences, one of which is ClixSense (http://www.clixsense.com/) which used to be a paid-to-click (PTC) for advertising.

The advantage of using ClixSense is that you will be paid in dollars.

Apart from using ClixSense, you can also use survey providers on line others, such as ViewFruit, Mobrog, SurveyOn, and so on.

3. Blogging and Writing Articles SEO Friendly

Another opportunity to earn money from the internet is blogging and make articles that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly. Then what is needed?

Of course the first is your interest in writing and determine the type of blog you will manage, for example technology, recipes, lifestyle, or health.

Then you can make blog and write a post that SEO friendly to enter the first page of search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

For how to create a complete blog, you can read the following article: Guide on How to Create a Free Blog to Appear on Google.


What is its function? Of course is to bring blog traffic and earn money through various ways, such as Google AdSense ads, affiliate links, and so on.

Do blogging the first time it was difficult, but now there are many sites and tools guides for building SEO such as Google Trends, Google Adwords, Neilpatel.com, and many more.

Other Ways to Earn Money from the Internet...

4. Establish Affiliates

Photo source: bigcommerce.com

If the site web or blog you already have a lot of visitors, then you can try establish affiliate businessaffiliate marketing) through various brand.

You can create promotional content from various products, services, or offers on line others, gang.

So how it works, you can install banners or put link associated with the purchase of a product. For each click generated will get a certain amount of commission.

Although the money generated is not too big, but this method is also worth trying, you know.

5. Be Reseller Domain and Website

Who said that today's investment is only in the form of gold or stocks, gang?

Here you can buy and resell alias become domain reseller. The more unique the name of a domain of course the price is getting more expensive, as in the following article.


To buy a domain, you can go to the service provider domain such as Niagahoster, Domainesia, Hostinger, and many more.

Then you just have to wait for other buyers to contact you or resell it on the Sedo.com or Flippa.com sites.

Besides that, you can also sell blog or website whose concept is the same as buying domain.

But the difference is, you need effort more. Especially after buying domain, you have to adjust the design, fill in the content, and other things depending on the wishes of the customer, the gang.

6. Become a Freelance Article Writer (Freelance Writer)

photo source: dsim.in

Have a hobby of writing but lazy to manage a blog? Don't worry, you can also become a freelance article writer aka freelance writer.

Currently there are also many platform writing that you can use, such as media sites such as IDN Times, apps aggregator UC News or Nulis.co.id, or even e-commerce blog though.

The fees themselves vary, such as being paid per article or based on the amount traffic got it, gang.

So, here you need expertise Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and experts observe trends before writing articles according to the client's wishes.

7. Be Freelancer in Various Fields

Not having expertise in the field of writing does not mean closing your opportunities become a freelancer, lol.

With pay equivalent to office workers and flexible working hours, there are many fields that you can pursue as freelancer.

For example, on the site Sribulancer.com You can search for or offer services such as manufacturing and development website, marketing, design and multimedia, to administration.

Other benefits that you can get as freelancer is to have a lot of connections because of course you will be dealing with different people every day.

8. Manage YouTube Content and Channels

photo source: medium.com

Apart from the internet, there are also other ways to get money from YouTube which are currently being intensively carried out by many people, gangs.

Apart from going through Google AdSense, of course there are some challenges that you must go through in managing content and content channel YouTube that you own.

Starting from creating video content that is widely liked, such as video lists, playing games, cooking tutorials, and so on.

Once you have a lot viewers and subscribers From the content that has been created, you can develop other ways such as affiliate marketing, sponsorship, to sell merchandise lol.

9. Be Influencers on Social Media

Influencers or what many people also know as celebgram is now one of the most popular professions among young people.

Only armed with social media with interesting content, you can already get various benefits through endorsement and sponsorship from various parties.

Previously, Jaka had reviewed how to become a successful celebgram in the following article: 10 Quick Ways to Become a Celebrity, Get Rich Suddenly!


10. Selling Stock Photos and Videos On line

If you claim to be good at photography and videography, don't take your camera!

Even though you can sell various stock photos and videos on sites like Shutterstock.com, Dreamstime.com, iStockphoto.com, Fotolia.com, and many more.

Maybe what you should consider is that the photos and videos that are sold can certainly be used universally in various media, gang.

For the commission, these various stock photo selling sites offer quite varied rates and percentages. Just choose which one is appropriate, right?

Oh yes, if you want toupgrade camera device that you have, don't forget to follow the following articles:

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11. Selling Logo and Shirt Designs

For those of you who have just graduated from the graphic design department, you must be very familiar with the name software Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, right?

Armed with your design skills, you can open a logo design service, banners, brochures, and others that you can find for example on the site Sribu.com.

In addition, for those of you who are interested in business clothing, there are also sites like Tees.co.id and you can also follow the guide like this: How to do an online business for young people's clothes!


12. WL Goods from Overseas

Lastly, you can be WL goods sold on e-commerce overseas, such as Gearbest.com, Alibaba.com, or Banggood.com.

This opportunity is very promising because shopping abroad is quite complicated, especially regarding payments via email PayPal which many people don't have.

So to run this business you need to create a PayPal account whose tutorial has been explained in the following article: How to Create the Latest PayPal Account (Update 2019).


Bonus: Fastest and No Capital Earning Apps and Games in 2019

In addition to using the methods above, there are also other ways to get money from the internet, even just armed with an Android cellphone, gang.

Here you can use a number of money making apps and games as in the following article.


Video: Recommended Money Making Applications, Get Rp1 Million a Day


Based on the collection of ways to get money from the internet that ApkVenue has reviewed above, which one is suitable and appropriate for you to do?

Oh yes, Jaka reminds you that for the first time running this business, it will be difficult and easy for those of you who want to make it your main income.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to use this method as a side income first, while learning about the ins and outs of the internet world. Good luck!

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