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Watch Habibie & Ainun 3 (2019) full movie

Intrigued by the story of B.J. Habibie in this movie? Come on, watch the full movie Habibie & Ainun 3 (2019) here!

Want to watch Indonesian drama genre films other than Imperfect? Then, maybe a movie Habibie & Ainun 3 could be another alternative that you can watch this weekend, gang.

Is the third film in the Habibie & Ainun film series, Habibie & Ainun 3 offers a story about the story of the youth of the wife of the 3rd President of Indonesia, B.J. Habibie.

Well, before you watch this film in theaters, let's look at the synopsis of the Habibie & Ainun 3 film below.

Synopsis of Habibie & Ainun 3

Starting to be shown simultaneously in Indonesian cinemas today (19/10), the film Habibie & Ainun 3 focuses more on the story of Ainun (Maudy Ayunda) in his youth.

Where the young Ainun is known as an intelligent woman who becomes an idol in her school and is the target of many male students, including Habibie (Reza Rahadian).

In college, Ainun became a medical student who was quite popular in his campus environment and once again became the ideal figure for every man.

Ahmad (Jefri Nichol), is a handsome-looking man who comes from a respected family who greatly admires Ainun.

He did various ways to melt his heart, but Ainun remained faithful in waiting for Habibie who was studying in Aachen.

Then, what makes Habibie the last port for Ainun's love journey? Watch the movie to know the answer, gang!

Interesting Facts about Habibie & Ainun 3

Behind the story offered by this film by director Hanung Bramantyo, maybe some of you are curious about the interesting things that were stored during the manufacturing process.

Well, here Jaka has collected some interesting facts from the Habibie & Ainun 3 film which is interesting to listen to below.

  • In order to make Reza's face look very similar to the figure of a young Habibie, the CGI effect was also the chosen step to realize this.

  • The CGI effect carried out is in the form of Reza's face which is then paired with the body of a high school student.

  • Maudy Ayunda was chosen to play the figure of Ainun because it was considered appropriate and suitable to represent Ainun's character.

  • Jefri Nichol admitted that he had to put Maudy's photo as wallpaper on his cellphone to build it chemistry.

  • Reza admitted that it was difficult for him to portray the figure of a young Habibie so he had to imagine to imagine the figure of Habibie when he was a teenager to old age.

Watch Movie Habibie & Ainun 3

InformationHabibie & Ainun 3
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)N/A
Duration2 hours 1 minute


Release DateDecember 19, 2019
DirectorKabir Khan
PlayerMaudy Ayunda

Reza Rahadian

Well, for those of you who are curious and want to watch this film with your girlfriend, friend, or family, you can check out the Habibie & Ainun 3 movie below.

>>>Watch Habibie & Ainun 3 (2019) Movie<<<

That was a synopsis and some interesting facts about the movie Habibie & Ainun 3 which is currently showing in theaters, gang.

What's an interesting movie, anyway, that makes you really curious about the storyline? Write the answer in the comments column below, yes!

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