12 of the most data-intensive applications, without you knowing it

Are you aware that some or many applications suck up your quota so fast? Here, ApkVenue will tell you the 12 most data-intensive applications on Android.

you user Android smartphone or gadget certainly spoiled with millions of applications available with their respective functions and uses. However, from the various benefits that exist, not a few applications that actually 'torture' you.

Do you realize that so many apps that sucks up your Internet data quota so fast, aka wasteful of quota? Here's 12 quota consuming app on Android C-net research results.

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10 Most Quota-intensive Android Applications

Often feel quota runs out fast even though your smartphone usage pattern is normal? Maybe it's not the wrong pattern, but because the application is really wasteful of quota like 12 apps below.

1. Facebook

Who doesn't know this application created by Mark Zuckerberg? Almost everyone who knows the Internet must have an account Facebook. Then do you realize that this social networking application is one of the most popular? the most extravagant?

The latest features of Facebook's innovation have actually made it one of the most wasteful android app. The example is autoplay the video on the homepage alias feed you. Possible features auto play video without the need for you to click, of course, it makes our quota easier to be sucked in.

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2. Instagram

This one application is certainly one of the social media most popular at the moment. It is proven by the number of active users that is almost touching 50 million in Indonesia. That number of course includes your Instagram account, right?


Instagram features that keep growing, after initially being just a photo uploading application, now it makes this one application eat up quite a large amount of internet data. Like Facebook, a feature that allows videos to play automatically also makes it one of the factors that make this app wasteful.

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3. Netflix

This application is one of the favorites and must-haves for fans Lover of movies and TV series. Although many choose to access Netflix using WiFi aka free Internet, certain situations sometimes force us to watch even though there is no WiFi. Of course, it will suck quota you quickly.

Apps Entertainment Netflix, Inc. DOWNLOAD

4. Snapchat

An application that from the beginning of its appearance was intended for features Snap alias upload short video Of course, it requires a large amount of data. With the addition of various new features in each update, Snapchat is certainly one of the best the most data-intensive Android application.

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5. Spotify

One application music streaming The most popular turns out to be in the category of applications that can make you come up short, you know. Yes, Spotify with its features that allow you to hear music with the best quality in fact also requires quota amount the big one.

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6. Twitter

Like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter also become one of the oldest social networks that are popular and widely used by enthusiasts social media. Feature autoplay until live streaming be one the biggest factor in siphoning your data.

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7. YouTube

You can definitely guess why this one application is one of the quota consuming app, right? Contains all the videos you need and want to watch, accessing YouTube certainly requires a large amount of quota. Therefore, many choose to access this application only if it is connected to WiFi.

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8. Google Chrome

Remember Google Chrome is a browser application aka Internet browsing, so don't be surprised if you will need a lot of quota to be able to browse freely. Especially when you're having fun browsing, unknowingly you have spent large amount of data.

9. UC Browser

Besides Chrome, this one browser is in fact also one that consumes more quota than the others. Although it seems interesting, the features available on UC Browser in fact also classified as wasteful of quotas.

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10. Android Native Browser

Various brands of Android smartphones have native browser alias default browser respectively. Be careful if you're used to using that browser because apparently, that's the default browser too including wasteful quota.

11. Path

Although it is no longer as popular as other social media such as Instagram or Facebook, Path is still relied on by its loyal users as a means to share whatever they want. It is undeniable that this one social media is also included one of the most wasteful quota. Yes, various photos and videos that can be uploaded and played on the application certainly suck up a large amount of quota.

Apps Social & Messaging Path, Inc. DOWNLOAD

12. HOOQ

Just like Netflix or similar applications, HOOQ is an application that provides services streaming various TV series or movies you want. Although there is a separate fee for subscribing, you still have to pay for each time you do streaming. Needless to say, the amount of quota needed is certainly not small.

Apps Entertainment HOOQ DOWNLOAD

That's 12 of the most data-consuming apps which even so, is still widely used by Android users. Are you also one of the users of the application above? If so, how do you deal with it so that your quota remains frugal? Say it in the comments column.

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