6 best apps to watch tv on android phone

What if you're on a TV show that requires you to sit in front of the TV but you really don't have time? Do not be confused! Just download the 6 best for watching TV on an Android phone.

Nowadays, TV seems to have lost its meaning, especially for workers who spend more than 12 hours outside the home. Even without a TV, they can still be entertained by a smartphone or tablet. Until they get home, they will still be busy with their gadgets.

But what if you follow a serial that requires you to sit in front of the TV? Do not be confused! Just download the application below. Here are the 6 best Android apps to watch TV on an Android phone without having to turn on the TV first.

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The 6 Best Apps for Watching TV on Android Phones

1. Mivo TV

Want to watch your favorite funny series but don't want to watch it at home because you're still on the road or at the office where there's no TV? Streaming Don't worry. With Mivo TV now you can watch Indonesian TV broadcasts through your own Android device.

Watch all the local channels you want anytime and anywhere you are. You can set channel such as SCTV, TV One, Beritasatu, Bloomberg, Trans7, TransTV, and many others. There are more than 45 channel TV you can choose and it's free! Don't forget if you don't want tolag When you're watching, your internet connection must also be fast. If your connection is good, you can try the HD quality options available on Mivo TV.

Just download the latest version of the Mivo TV application that has features chat & HD on JalanTikus right now

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This is an app official from DIRECTV for everyone who has subscribed to this TV Provider. DIRECTV allows you to on-the-go streaming all the entertainment provided including TV Shows like ABC, AMC, NBC, FOX, even premium content like HBO. Don't forget, you must be a DIRECTV subscriber before using this application.

Curious about the DIRECTV application? You can download it here for FREE:


3. WatchABC

You must be familiar with ABC TV. Want to watch the ABC Family TV series anywhere and anytime but you are hindered by school/college/work schedules? Easy! Just download the WatchABC application. This application is an application official from ABC Family. This application will provide movies and TV shows from the ABC program. Of course this app is a cool way to still be able to watch TV without having to sit in front of the television.

Download the WatchABC app here:

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If you're a pay TV subscriber and you own XFINITY TV, then you really need to download this app. The XFINITY TV Go app can help you watch the TV shows you love wherever and whenever, including premium channels like HBO. Just like the others, you must subscribe this TV content first before being able to access the show.

Let's download XFINITY TV Go here:

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If you're a Game Of Thrones, True Blood, and Boardwalk Empire fan, then you already know this premium channel called HBO, right? One of the channels on blockbusters which is indeed the most in demand because of its premium and high quality shows. You must be really annoyed when the shows that we follow are missed because there are other activities, right? That's why you have to download HBO GO, so you won't miss any of your favorite shows even if you're no longer sitting in front of the TV. You can download this practical application on your Android phone or tablet.

Continue watching Game Of Thrones here:

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6. Netflix

Who doesn't know Netflix? You can watch TV programs that provide quality shows now anywhere and anytime. By subscribing to Netflix you will be able to access hundreds of selected TV shows from various networks. Don't forget there are also original programs from Netflix such as House of Cards, Marvel's DareDevil, Marco Polo, and others. What are you waiting for? Fast subscribe Netflix to enjoy the show.

Don't forget to download Netflix here:

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