11 of the best android Islamic applications in the month of Ramadan, God willing, increase the reward!

Smartphones are not just made to play games, gang! Try these best Islamic apps so you can get more rewards in this fasting month!

The ever-evolving technology has made many things easier in life.

Call it a successful smartphone and internet to be an important combination in today's life.

With smartphones connected to the internet, playing games, chatting, shopping online, working and socializing are even more exciting.

Even worship can also be done via a smartphone with the support of an Android Islamic application you know!

Islamic Applications Android Double Multiplier Rewards

Especially for those of you who are fasting, Jaka has compiled a series of the best Islamic applications for Android smartphones.

With the following Android Islamic applications, God willing Your reward for fasting will be doubled.

1. Prayer Application

Prayer is the pillar of religion. So so that you always pray on time, it's good to know the prayer schedule and also the location of the Qibla with the best prayer application on Android, namely Muslim Pro.

In addition to providing prayer schedules with the sound of the call to prayer, this prayer application is also ready to provide prayer lists and other supporting features.

Besides Muslim Pro, Islamic applications on Android that you can use to help pray on time are: Prayer Times - Prayer Times.

Uniquely, this application has a smaller file size than Muslim Pro.

2. Application of the Qur'an

After praying, it's a good idea to read the Koran so that you can deepen religious teachings.

So that you don't misread and bother carrying a printed Koran, just install the best Quran application on your Android, such as the Koran.

This application provides Indonesian translation, MP3 player of Quranic verses, and bookmark feature.

3. Best Hadith Apps

In addition to reading the Koran, you also have to install the best Hadith applications that are ready to complete your knowledge of Islamic teachings.

The best Islamic Hadith applications that will multiply the reward of your fast are: Encyclopedia of Hadith 9 Imams which is the official version of HERITAGE LIDWA.

The hadith in it is quite complete and has used the Indonesian language.

Other Applications . . .

4. Applications Collection of prayers

In all our activities, it is better to always be accompanied by prayer to ask for the pleasure of Allah SWT.

If you don't know the prayer you want to read, try looking for it in the application Complete Collection of Prayers which provides the practice of prayer from waking up to going back to sleep.

Another alternative, a collection of prayer applications that you can download is What is the Prayer: Dhikr & Prayer.

This application will present a collection of prayers that you can practice in various conditions.

5. Islamic Learning Applications

How well do you know Islam? The better you know the teachings of Islam, the more stable and good your worship will be.

Therefore, let's deepen your knowledge through the best Islamic learning applications such as Islam Answers.

In this best Islamic application you will be treated to information about Islam in a question-and-answer format.

There are about 2000 questions and answers available to answer your curiosity.

6. Islamic Kids Apps

Not only available for adults, there are also various Islamic applications that can be used for Islamic children.

The suitable applications are: Muslim Kids Series who are ready to give Islamic lessons in a fun way.

7. Islamic World News App

Always open your horizons to find out the latest developments about Muslims in the world through the application Muslim News.

Download Muslim News via Play Store

In addition, you can also get various updates on the latest Islamic information in the best news reading applications, such as Babe - Read News.

8. Ramadan Special Apps

Some Islamic applications take on a fairly specific theme. The example is Ramadan 2019 developed by AppSourceHub.

There are many features that will make our fasting easier, such as showing the time for sahur and iftar, including in tabular form. We can also set the reminder alarm.

This application is also able to know your position so that the time for iftar and sahur can adjust to where you are.

Download Ramadan 2019 via Play Store

In addition to the Ramadan application above, there are also applications for Ramadan 2019 from developer PXL APP.

The features are more or less the same, so it's just a matter of taste which is more suitable for you.

Download Ramadan 2019 via Play Store

9. Calorie Tracker App

Maybe there are some of you who perform fasting with the aim of reducing weight, in addition to carrying out obligations of course.

To track how many calories you expend during fasting, you can use the app Lose It, gang!

With a fairly complete food database and nutritional information, you can manage your diet even better!

10. Halal Restaurant App

Fasting that we live all day will feel useless if we break the fast by eating non-halal food, right?

Maybe for those of you who live in a Muslim-majority area, it won't be difficult, but what about our brothers and sisters in other countries?

Fortunately, there are many applications that will help us find halal places to eat. The example is CraveHalal.

Download Ramadan 2019 via Play Store

11. Alms Application

In the month of fasting where the reward will be multiplied, it is better for you to increase your worship. One of them is charity.

Now, alms are not only done through the mosque's charity box, but can be done through an application on your smartphone. An example of the application is We can.

We can donate some of our sustenance to people in need, including orphanages and hafizh Quran.

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BONUS: Videos to Increase Rewards in the Month of Ramadan

Being a Muslim who is smart and religious is not difficult.

With the help of Islamic applications for Android smartphones earlier, God willing the reward of your fast will be doubled as long as it is used wisely.

Good luck!

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