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how to record android & iphone screen

Want to record screens so you can become a Gaming YouTuber like Milyhya? Now you can try how to record Android & iPhone screens with HD quality (100% works).

Have you ever thought about wanting to become a Gaming YouTuber, especially those who play mobile games, such as PUBG Mobile or Mobile Legends?

Now to support your activity, of course you need a screen recorder application to record the HP screen, guys.

But have you ever been confused, how come? how to record cellphone screen use this app? Here's Jaka's full review especially for you.

How to Record Android & iPhone Screens Guaranteed to Succeed

Smartphone alias smart phone The ones you use today generally use the Android and iOS operating systems specifically for the iPhone.

So this time ApkVenue will discuss both, and don't forget to adjust it to the device you have!

How to Record Android Phone Screen Without Root

Currently you don't need to root to just record activity on the screen. There are various Android screen recorder applications and default customizations to do it.

Here is Jaka's review for easy way to record Android cellphone screen, especially using the AZ Screen Recorder app. Let's see!

  • Step - 1: If you don't have the app yet AZ Screen Recorder, you can directly download and install at the link below.
AZ Screen Recorder Video & Audio Apps DOWNLOAD
  • Step - 2: Then tap AZ Screen Recorder application icon that has been installed until the recorder icon appears in the notification bar. Will appear too floating icon, tap then select Settings.
  • Step - 3: In the Settings menu, you can select the video resolution settings, bitrate, frames per second and others.
  • Step - 4: If you have, you can return to the home screen and tap icon Recorder until it appears countdown on the Android cellphone screen.
  • Step - 5: Now all you have to do is record your Android phone screen. When you're done, pull down the notification bar and tapStop to stop the video.
  • Step - 6: Finally, for those of you who want to move videos to your PC/laptop, you just have to go to internal storage and look for a folder called AzRecorderFree to find the video you recorded earlier.

How to Record iPhone Screen Without Jailbreak

Unlike Android, iPhone which is equipped with the latest iOS operating system already has its own screen recorder application without the need to download via the Apps Store or jailbreak.

Well, for the full method, let's check it how to record iPhone screen below this.

  • Step - 1: To display the screen recorder app on iPhone, you first go to Settings then select menu Control Centerr.
  • Step - 2: Then on the Control Center page, you just add options Screen Recording by tapping the green plus icon until it moves to the top position.
  • Step - 3: Return to the main page and swipe up to display the Control Center. Tap on the Screen Recording icon.
  • Step - 4: When Screen Recording is active, the icon will be red and also marked with notification bar same color. When you're done recording, open Control Center again and turn off Screen Recording.
  • Step - 5: To see the recording, you just go to Photos and open Camera Roll to watch or share it.

Bonus: Recommended Best Screen Recorder Apps (Update 2020)

In addition to using the application that ApkVenue explained in the tutorial above, you also have other best screen recorder application options with their respective superior features for recording HP screens.

Curious? You'd better read more in the following article: 10 Android Mobile Screen Recorder Applications | 100% No Root!


That's how to record Android and iPhone screens easily and completely. Without the need to root or jailbreak, now you will be more pampered with this feature.

If you are, what do you think this screen recorder feature will be used for? guys? Share your opinion in the comments column below!

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