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only one year left! these are 5 reasons why windows 7 is considered better than windows 10

Even though Windows 7 is only a year away, there are still many users who use this operating system. Here are some reasons why Windows 7 is better than Windows 10.

Are you a loyal user of the legendary Windows 7 operating system, gang?

Windows 7 It has become one of the most popular operating systems even though it is quite old school.

according to NetMarketShare, the number of Windows 7 users is more than a quarter of the total operating system users desktop as a whole or as much 36.43 percent at the end of last April.

Unfortunately, according to the news circulating, the support period for Windows 7 will end soon January 2020 future.

Then, what makes Windows 7 still in great demand even though there is a newer Windows 10 operating system? Here is a full explanation.

5 Reasons Windows 7 is Better than Windows 10

Even though the party Microsoft has reminded Windows 7 users that the operating system is only one year away, but there are still many users who are reluctant to switch to Windows 10.

Then, what makes Windows 7 users comfortable with the old school operating system? Here's Jaka love 5 reasons why Windows 7 is considered better than Windows 10.

1. Security and Privacy

Security and privacy is one of the reasons that most Windows 7 users complain and fear if they switch to Windows 10.

Windows 10 is considered too curious about the personal things of its users telemetry embedded in the operating system.

In short, this telemetry works for retrieve data in the form of any habits that users do while using this operating system. Then, later this data will be sent to Microsoft.

Although this is done with the aim of being able to make improvements to the Windows 10 product itself, this is actually the main reason why Windows 7 users don't want to switch.

They assume that the Windows 10 operating system is no more secure than Windows 7.

In fact, according to the security company Webroot, the average computer with the Windows 10 operating system has fewer malware files than Windows 7 in 2017.

If Windows 10 has 0.04 percent of malware files, Windows 7 has 0.08 percent.

2. Software Compatibility

The next reason that is the reason why Windows 7 is considered better than Windows 10 is a problem compatibility software.

Windows 7 still offers much better compatibility when compared to Windows 10.

You can feel this when installing old software on Windows 10 which sometimes has problems and can't even continue the installation process.

In addition, another reason that makes Windows 7 users reluctant to switch to Windows 10 is because they rely heavily on software that is only available on Windows 7.

There are several Windows 7 flagship software that unfortunately are not present in Windows 10, one of which is Windows Media Center.

Not like software Windows Photo Viewer which you can still enjoy on Windows 10 even though you have to install it first, the windows media center software has been completely destroyed in this operating system.

For people who are already very dependent on this software, of course, it is very difficult to switch to Windows 10, yes, gang.

3. Easy to Use

Who among you felt confused at the beginning of the transition to using the Windows 7 operating system to Windows 10?

It's not just you, gang, because this is also the reason why Windows 7 is considered better and many users don't want to switch to Windows 10.

User Interface or the interface of Windows 7 is considered easier to use so that their productivity remains smooth.

Many Windows 7 users are lazy if they have to adapt first when they use Windows 10.

4. Lighter

Basically, Windows 7 and Windows 10 operating systems have the same hardware requirements.

But, in fact, when you try to install Windows 10 on a computer or laptop whose specifications are right at the minimum number of requirements, you will experience lag.

Jaka had felt it before, gang. Even though the laptop that ApkVenue uses already meets the minimum hardware requirements needed to install Windows 10, in fact this operating system does not run smoothly.

This happens because Windows 10 has a lot of additional features that are not found in Windows 7, so our PCs eat up RAM and money bandwidth more while running it.

As Jaka wrote in point 2, drivers or software which is not compatible with Windows 10 can also be the cause lag.

One of these reasons finally made Windows 7 users return to their favorite operating system.

5. Update

photo source: makeuseof

Windows 10 has features forced update which requires its users to do a forced update.

Although you can disable this feature, it is reported that users still do not get 100 percent control over the operating system they use.

The explanation is, because Windows 10 cannot be separated from malware attacks and this latest Windows series is indeed being exploited by many users hacker so that viruses and other malicious files can be infiltrated.

If Windows 10 users can stop updating completely, it can be dangerous because your PC will be easily infiltrated by malware, gang.

So the Microsoft team makes them able to do some important updates for the security of your PC or laptop.

This is also one of the reasons why Windows 7 is considered better than Windows 10, gang.

Those are some of the reasons why Windows 7 users think their operating system is better than Windows 10, gang.

For these reasons, Windows 7 users are reluctant to switch to the Windows 10 operating system.

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