from murder to rape! These are the 5 most controversial Japanese-made games

Not all games made in Japan get rave reviews from gamers. Well, the following 5 games are causing controversy because their gameplay is considered deviant and not worth playing.

Japan indeed known as one of the countries that contributed greatly to the gaming industry. Games made in Japan quite a lot of gamers from all over the world. Not surprisingly, developers from the State of Sakura often launch games with all their own uniqueness. Good for PC, mobile, and game console other.

However, not all games made in Japan received rave reviews from gamers. Not a few games that are rated bad, even invite controversy. As The following 5 games are causing controversy because gameplaywhich is considered deviated and not worth playing.

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5 Most Controversial Japanese-Made Games

1. Yandere Simulator

A game from the developer YandereDev already created controversy even before it was officially released and is still in the development stage. How come? This PC simulation game has great gameplay and storyline teach bad things. In this game, players take on the role of a woman who has the heart to do kidnapping and murder in order to get a man she likes.

The murder that was committed very sadistic, where the player makes the person he kills look like he's committing suicide. In addition, this game is also packaged in the feel of a schoolgirl with anime-style animation that makes children interested in playing it.

2. Senran Kagura

Senran Kagura may already be familiar to most gamers. Games with anime style visualization This cute one became controversial because of the bikini-clad characters and sexy body. Despite inviting controversy, developer Senran Kagura as if you don't care people's views.

Proven with release of various series of this game. In fact, in the latest series, the developer wants to simulate the sensation of holding a woman's chest with a joystick. This of course makes this game even more worthy of being called a game most controversial game made in Japan.

3. Creature To Koi Shiyo

Creature To Koi Shiyo invite controversy with super weird storyline and sensitive content. The game that should be not played by minors this makes the player a male character who fall in love with a cricket.

The cricket is about the size of a human and have curves which resembles a sexy woman. The figure of this female cricket is increasingly controversial with her style that is so seductive and too vulgar. Some scenes in this game too judged inappropriate especially when played by children.

4. Rapelay

Rapelay is one of the controversial games that has been banned in various countries. This simulator game is so misleading because it puts players in the role of a man who rape free ladies. Realistic graphics make the characters in this game so real so that it makes the players feel as if they are actually doing the harassment.

5. Sweet Pool

Sweet Pool is a game genre visual novels which presents characters with handsome faces and stout bodies. Supposedly, this game can become one of the gamers' favorite games because of its attractive visuals.

However, Sweet Pool actually invites controversy with storyline that contains negative things. Not only unworthy content, but also same-sex love stories that so vulgar. One of the game's characters also caused controversy with the scene where he was menstruating. In addition, players must also determine how to make the character they play can die in certain ways.

That's The 5 most controversial Japanese-made games. What do you think? Are you interested in playing these games? Don't let you choose a game that brings negative things like the 5 games above, OK!

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