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how to change voice on someone's phone on android

Change your voice to the voice of the opposite sex and you can use it to prank people on the phone? Here ApkVenue tells you how to change the voice on the phone on Android.

Making regular phone calls is now increasingly being abandoned considering the many more exciting ways of communicating such as chat and video call. However, the phone remains an option for certain circumstances, let alone urgent.

Talking about the phone, Jaka will return to give you exciting tips. How about this time how to change voice while on the phone on Android.

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How to Change Voice on Phone on Android

You can change your voice to the voice of the opposite sex only with the help of an Android application called Voice Changer. You can directly download it easily and for free via the link that Jaka gave below.

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Then how to use the application? Just follow the step by step below:

  • Make sure your smartphone or Android device has the app installed Voice Changer During Call Male To Female.
  • Open the application, then record your voice and then turn it into the voice of the opposite sex. choose Start Recording to start recording.
  • Once recorded, you can choose one of the available voice characters. Select it by pressing one of the eight available icons.
  • Give the voice recording a name, then save it. The voice is already saved and ready to use whenever you make or receive a phone call.
  • When you make an outgoing call or an incoming phone call, the application will automatically open the voice recording that has been saved for use in the phone call.

That's easy way to change voice for phone calls on Android. You can have fun and prank your friends or relatives with the above method. But remember, don't use this method for negative things, especially crimes. Good luck!

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