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watch rampage (2018) full movie

Really want to watch the movie Rampage (2018) but don't know where to go? Don't worry, just look at Jaka's article on this one, gang.

There are so many films about wild animals, gang. Don't want to miss out, the Rampage film, which was released in 2018, also raises this theme, you know.

Movies starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson This turns out to be lifted from an arcade game called Rampage which was popular in the '80s.

Rampage is a Sci-Fi film wrapped in thrilling action. If you are curious to watch this film, see Jaka's article below.

Synopsis Film Rampage (2018)

Davis Okoye is a former elite United States soldier who now works as a primatologist. In his work, Davis takes care of an albino gorilla named George.

George and Davis are very close and have an emotional connection. This is because George has been cared for by Davis since he was a baby.

Long story short, George was infected by a toxic chemical. As a result, George's body turned into a giant and vicious.

Not only George, the chemical also infected a wolf named Ralph and a crocodile named Lizzie. The two animals turned into giants and terrorized the surroundings.

Davis didn't stay still. He tries to stop the three giant animals with the help of a geneticist named Dr. Kate Caldwell.

Davis looks for a way to return his beloved gorilla George back to his original size. On the other hand, he is also trying to uncover who is behind the chemical experiment.

Did Davis succeed in stopping the terror of the giant animal? You just watch it yourself, gang!

Interesting Facts about Rampage (2018) Full Movie

After reading the synopsis, are you more interested in watching the Rampage movie? Well, now Jaka will tell you some interesting facts from the Rampage movie.

  • Davis calmed George down by using a sign language word that meant stone. rock or the rock is the stage name of Dwayne Johnson, who plays Davis.

  • George the gorilla and Ralph the wolf have the same names as the names in the video games. Only the name Lizzie the crocodile is not in the game.

  • Initially, George was an ordinary gorilla. However, in order not to be considered plagiarizing King Kong, George's coat color was made an albino.

  • You can see the original Rampage arcade game machine in Claire Wyden's office scene.

  • In one scene, George picks up a human in a building and eats him. This is a reference to the game where George has to eat humans to fill his blood.

Nonton Film Rampage (2018) Sub Indo

ShowApril 13, 2018
Duration1 hour 47 minutes
ProductionNew Line Cinema
DirectorBrad Peyton
CastDwayne Johnson, Naomie Harris, Malin Akerman
GenreAction, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Rating51% (RottenTomatoes.com)

6.1/10 (IMDb.com)

After reading the synopsis and interesting facts, as well as watching the trailer for the movie Rampage, you must have been really curious to watch this movie, right?

Don't worry, gang. Jaka will give you a link to watch the Rampage movie which is definitely fun and thrilling.

>>>Watch Rampage (2018)<<<

That's Jaka's article about the Rampage film, starring Dwayne Johnson. If you're a fan of action and science fiction films, I'm sure you'll like it.

See you in another Jaka article, gang!

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