how to improve the accuracy of your gps

The way to prevent GPS errors and inaccurate is very easy. Here's how to improve the accuracy of your GPS.

Global Positioning System or GPS it's very easy to use. Moreover, GPS is already installed on every smartphone, but sometimes our GPS is not very accurate. It could be caused by hardware, weather, and also software.

Well, how to prevent GPS error and inaccurate very easily. The following is ways to improve GPS accuracy you.

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Ways To Improve Your GPS Accuracy

1. Check Your Location

To find out how accurate a smartphone is with check your location, by opening a GPS application such as Google Maps or any other map app, see if your smartphone shows the exact location or not. If true, then your smartphone has shown an accurate location, but if not, you can try other methods below.

2. Make sure you Enable "High Accuracy" in Location Settings

There are different ways to improve GPS accuracy and activate High Accuracy in the location settings, depending on the smartphone you are using. You can search for it in the location option in settings, or use search box with the keyword location or location depending on your smartphone.

After the High Accuracy option is turned on, you can check whether your GPS is accurate or not. Open Google Maps again to prove it, if it's still not accurate, try another easy way.

3. Recalibrate Your Smartphone Compass

Even though the GPS shows your location, it could be that your GPS doesn't show the right position. This can make you annoyed if you are using navigation or playing Pok mon GO which requires accurate positioning. To get an accurate position, the method is very easy, you only need a compass application that can be on the Google Play Store, one of the apps is GPS Status.

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If GPS Status has been downloaded, open the application and GPS Status will search for nearby satellites. If the app can't get a signal to get a satellite, it means you've been in-block. We will discuss in point five later.

Now you need to calibrate the compass. The trick, touch the screen and and click hamburger menu at the top left of the screen. Click "Compass Calibration" and follow the prompts. Well, now your compass should show the right location. Still not yet? Try reset your GPS.

4. Refresh Your GPS

If the methods above still fail to improve the accuracy of your GPS, try refresh your GPS data. Using the same app, click hamburger menu and select "diagnose sensors" then "GPS sensors". Then it will appear pop up and click "reset" to clear data cache GPS starts from scratch.

Now your smartphone should be able to lock satellites faster and your location more accurate. Open Google Maps again to prove if your GPS is very accurate. It should have been if you followed the instructions from the beginning, if you still haven't let's try another way.

5. Investigate Is Someone Blocking Your Smartphone

If the previous tips still don't work, it means that the problem is not with your smartphone, but other factors from outside that do not allow your smartphone to get a signal. It could be that the application does not work. Or it could be a metal object blocking the signal.

But, if suddenly your smartphone can't lock the GPS signal after doing the above, you have to wipe data on smartphones. Or if you use custom ROMs, updates to the latest version or choose another ROM.

Those are the tips to solve the case of GPS not showing the exact location. Sometimes we get very upset when our GPS is not working properly. Hopefully this method can help you. Please comment if you managed to do it or maybe you have your own way.

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