how to stabilize internet connection on computer using command prompt

Your internet connection is not stable? You don't need to worry, here Jaka gives tips to stabilize the internet connection with the Command Prompt.

You must have experienced it when you were having fun browsing, streaming, or download, uh, suddenly the connection slows down. Of course this is very annoying, especially for you gamers who are fun playing online games, suddenly even lag due to unstable connection.

Now! Now you don't have to worry about experiencing something like that because here Jaka already has the tips for you. How to? It's easy. This time Jaka wants sharetips to stabilize internet connection with Command Prompt. Come on!

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How to Stabilize Internet Connection on Computer Using Command Prompt

First of all, make sure your computer is connected to the internet. Next step, run Command Prompt or CMD on the computer by:

  • For Windows 8 users

Right click on Start Logo and select Command Prompt (Admin).

  • For Windows 7 Users

Click Start, type Command Prompt in the search field. When you find it, right click and select Run as Administrator.

Note: Make sure to run CMD using Administrator, because otherwise CMD will be run as Normal User.

After the Command Prompt opens, now you have to check the IP address. The method:

  • Type ipconfig/all and press Enter, later will appear a lot of configurations.
  • From the many existing configuration data, look for DNS Server, then record or remember the number of DNS Server the. At this point, leave CMD as it is (don'tclose).

After you managed to find the DNS Server numbers, the next step:

  • Type ping l 800 t, then press Enter.


- : Less Sign

L : Lowercase L

800 : This means that the data sent is 800 bytes. You can replace it as you wish. : DNS numbers that have been obtained earlier.

t : To ensure that the connection is not lost.

If you have done the above correctly, then it will some reply messages appear. For example, you can look at screenshots below, it's a sign of your internet connection already stable, so now feel free to browse, stream, or download as you please.

Remember! Command Prompt you have to leave it like that (don't close it), but if it bothers you, then you can minimize just. If you are done using the internet, then you can close Command Prompt window and the connection will return to normal as usual.

How? Easy isn't it? That's how to stabilize internet connection with command prompt. You need to know that in addition to stabilizing, these tips are also able to speed up internet connection. Have experience using these tips? Please share yes in the comments column below.

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