Cheating tips: answer math problems with just a photo!

Finding the answer key to math problems is now easier. Just by taking a photo, the answer key to a math problem will appear by itself.

Mathematics is one of the subjects that are not liked by many. The reason people don't like math is the many formulas and methods used to find the answer key. But with this application, you can easily answer math problems just by being photographed. Application PhotoMath This will automatically provide answers to each question that appears.

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Finding the Answer Key to Math Problems Just by Taking Photos

Photomath is an automatic math problem-answer application by simply taking a photo using an Android camera. The questions that can be answered with this application include arithmetic, fractions, logarithms, decimal numbers, linear equations, algebra, and many more. Not only the answer, Photomath also tells the steps to find the answer key to math problems.

How to Use Photomath to Answer Math Problems Through Photos

  • Download PhotoMath then install as usual on Android. Apps Productivity Microblink DOWNLOAD
  • Open the application and you will immediately enter camera mode.
  • Bring the camera closer to the question you want to answer and automatically the answer to the question will appear by itself.
  • To find out the steps to solve the problem, you can click on the answer and the answer steps will appear.

  • If you are still confused, you can watch the following YouTube video:

With Photomath, you don't have to have any more trouble finding the answer keys to math problems. Good luck!

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