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what is phishing and effective tips to avoid it

Do you know what phishing is? Have you ever almost got phished? This time, Jaka will explain phishing and how to avoid it!

Have you ever been a victim of phishing? Or you don't know what phishing is?

With the development of increasingly sophisticated technology, the crime rate cyber spread on the internet is also more and more.

The lack of knowledge possessed, not infrequently makes some internet users become victims of this one crime.

Of the many cyber crimes that exist, one type that is also commonly encountered is: phishing.

So that you don't get caught up in this type of crime, here Jaka will give complete information about what phishing is.

Come on, find out more information below, gang!

What is Phishing?

You ever heard the word phishing, gang?

Phishing itself is a fraudulent method to steal important information such as social media passwords or worse, the victim's credit card through the medium e-mail.

Usually they impersonate a trusted person or company by sending an email to the victim to click on a fake link that has been inserted in it.

Through this action, the perpetrator can take advantage even without a lot of capital and effort.

The term phishing itself in English comes from the word fishing (fishing), which in this case means fishing for important user information.

The phishing method was first used around the year 1996 where at that time the hackers started stealing user accounts AOL (American On-Line) by sending an email as if it was sent from AOL.

Along with the development of technology, the perpetrators of fraud with this phishing method not only use email to deceive victims but also through advertisements or social media, you know, gang.

Types of Phishing

If you think that phishing only has one type, it turns out that there are several different types of fraud with this method, gang.

Actually there are many types of phishing, but the mode is almost the same. Luring victims to provide private and confidential information.

Come on, find out what the types are so that you are more alert and not easily fooled.

1. Spear Phishing

Spear phishing is one of the email dissemination techniques targeted at specific individuals, organizations or businesses.

The hallmark of this type of phishing is that fraudsters usually include personal information about their victims such as name, position in the company, credit card or phone number.

This is done so that victims believe and are willing to provide important information needed by fraud perpetrators.

While often intended to steal users' important information, cyber fraudsters may also intend to install malware on the computers of targeted users.

2. Deceptive Phishing

Deceptive phishing is the most common type of phishing done by perpetrators to their victims.

The perpetrators deceptive phishing usually disguised as another person or company that the victim knows to obtain whether it is important information or important and confidential data of the victim.

There are two methods that cybercriminals usually use when using this type of phishing.

First, the perpetrator claims that he is a representative of a company and asks the victim to provide certain information.

Second, the perpetrator inserts a malicious site in the link that the victim clicks on.

3. Smishing (SMS)

Have you ever received an sms announcing that you won the lottery, gang?

Not only via email, phishing can also be done through a short message sent to the victim.

This type of phishing is called smashing. Still similar to the previous type of phishing, here the perpetrators also disguise themselves as other people or trusted companies.

In the SMS he sent, the perpetrator used a certain mode that required the victim to click on the link provided, call a certain number, or reply to a message with the required data information.

One of the most frequently used modes is to win the lottery from a large company.

In addition to the lottery winning mode, there are many other modes. So, you have to be careful and don't be easy to believe, okay?

4. Whale Phishing

Whale phishing is a term used to describe a type of phishing attack that is specifically targeted at rich, powerful, or prominent victims.

If such a person becomes a victim of phishing then he is referred to as big pish (big fish) or whale (whale).

Meanwhile, the tactics used by the perpetrators of this type of phishing are the same as spear phishing.

Tips to Avoid Phishing

Now you have a little idea, gang, about what phishing is and its types.

Then, how to avoid this cyber crime? Calm! Because Jaka will give you some tips to avoid the following.

  • Before clicking and entering any privacy information, always check the spelling of the URL link inserted in the email.

  • Use anti-phishing software.

  • If you receive an email from a source you seem familiar with, but are suspicious of, contact the source by creating a new email instead of selecting the button reply in the e-mail.

  • Do not post personal information such as date of birth, address, or phone number on publicly accessible platforms such as social media.

Those are some things you should know about phishing, gang. How about you, do you understand what phishing is?

By having basic knowledge about phishing you can be more alert and avoid this cyber crime.

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