this is the android system webview function that you should know

Are you a loyal user of social media Facebook, Line, Twitter, and Instagram? If yes, then you must know the function of this Android System WebView

Are you a loyal user of Facebook, Line, Twitter, and Instagram social media? If yes, then you should know the function of Android System WebView this. Previously, we discussed Android functions whenroot and Android device manager functions. Well, curious about the Android System WebView function? Come on, see the explanation!

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Here's the Android System WebView Function You Should Know

Android System WebView is a system component created by Chrome and allows Android apps to display pages website without having to open a web browser. On the Android operating system 4.3 and below, Android System WebView uses code based on Apple's Webkit like the technology found in the Safari browser.

On operating systems 4.4 and above, Android System WebView uses the base open source from Google Chrome (which uses the Google Blink engine). While on the Android 5.0 operating system, Android System WebView is a separate application and allows it to be updated via Google Play without the need for updatesfirmware formerly.

For example, in the Line Today application, you can see directly the trending news that day by simply clicking on the news image. Then the news details will appear without having to open the browser first to read the news on Line Today. Without the Android System WebView, this feature will not work properly.

However, it was later discovered that with the Android System WebView it was possible hacker to steal important data while you are surfing the Internet through the Android WebView application. Unlike the case with Android applications that are dedicated as web browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla which already have their own security system and are separate from the Android System WebView.

It's good that you do updates This Android System WebView routine is to ensure your Android phone has new security updates and fixes bugs other.

Well, that was the Android System WebView function for your Android phone. If you just open website to read the news or just looking for light information, it is still relatively safe. However, if you want to make Internet transactions banking or other matters relating to privacy, you should use an Internet browser that already has its own security system.

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