3 simple card tricks that can make your friends say wow!

Here are 3 cool card tricks that can make your friends say "Wow" when they show them. This card trick is also easy to apply!

One of the magic tricks that many people like the most is card game. Besides being easy to implement, card tricks can amaze a lot of people when you do them.

Are you interested in learning card magic tricks? If so, it looks like you should read this article to the end.

Reported from WikiHow, here 3 cool card tricks that can make your friends say Wow when showing it. This card trick is also easy to apply!

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Simple Card Tricks

1. Moving Cards to the Top Pile

  • Take two cards from the top of the deck at the same time. Practice to look like only one card taken.

  • Show it to the audience bottom of card which was taken earlier.

  • Put the two cards back into the deck after seeing and remembering by the audience.

  • Take the top card from the deck and place randomly in a pile of cards, so the spectator thinks it is the card he saw earlier.

  • Make a move magic with your hand to give the impression that you have moved the card to the top of the pile.

  • Turn over the top card and show that it is the card the spectator saw earlier.

2. Guess the Card

  • Take a deck of cards face down.

  • Ask a volunteer to take a card. To convince the audience look away when the volunteer chooses a card.

  • Divide the card into two halves, one on the left and one on the right.

  • Ask volunteers to remember the cards drawn and return them to the deck.

  • Take a quick look at the bottom of the card on the right. This is a reference to find the card that the volunteer chose.

  • Stack the selected card between the two decks of cards. Make sure that the stack card on the right is at the top, so the card that was seen is right next to the card chosen by the volunteer.

  • Spread the cards on the table face up, then find your reference card. The best way is with put the card on the left and pass them to the right in order, because the reference card will definitely be on the left and the card chosen by the volunteer will be on the right.

  • Choose the volunteer card with confidence. Make the spectators think that you know the card they are going to pick before they take it.

3. Spawns Four Aces

  • Take four aces from the deck of cards and place all four on the pile. The best way to do this is to place four aces on top of the deck before performing the trick.

  • Divide the cards into four piles from left to right so that the fourth pile is on the far right. The four aces should be at the top of the fourth pile.

  • Take the first pile and move the first three cards down.

  • Move the top three cards from the first pile to another pile, 1 card each pile.

  • Repeat points three and four with the other three stacks. When you move the top three cards from the Ace pile to the other three piles, then the top card from the four piles will be As.

  • Turn over all the top cards of each pile and show them fourth As-his.

That's some simple card trick which is easy to apply, but can make you stunned when you see it. If you know any other card tricks, don't forget share in the comments column.

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