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10 ways to become a successful youtuber & rich mobile capital 2020

Want to be a successful YouTuber with abundant income? Here's a complete guide on how to become a successful YouTuber for beginners with only HP!

How to become a YouTuber success may now be one of the most sought-after things for today's millennial generation, besides of course how to become a famous celebrity.

The reason is, in the digital era like today, the work area is no longer limited to working in the office, but also platforms which is now a place to gain success, including YouTube.

Especially with the increasing number of successful YouTubers like Atta Lightning, Baim Wong, Pew Die Pie, and many others also make this one profession even more coveted by many people.

Then are you one of those who aspire to be a YouTuber? Calm! Here Jaka has a group tips on how to become a successful youtuber for beginners. Check it out!

How to Become a Successful & Rich YouTuber Easily

How to get money from YouTube by becoming a YouTuber actually requires consistency and high intentions. In addition, you are also recommended to master the Indonesian YouTube algorithm so that the results are maximized.

Meanwhile, talking about salary, YouTuber's own income varies but if successful, you will be rich, gang. You can find out how to see YouTuber earnings through the article below.


So, how do you become a YouTuber who makes a lot of money and is famous like them? Don't worry, for those of you who are curious about how to become a successful Youtuber, check out the reviews below!

1. Create a YouTube Channel (First Steps to Become a Youtuber)

photo source: gfycat

Of course, the first thing you should do is create a YouTube account. This applies whether you want to become a gaming YouTuber, techno YouTuber, or others.

You must know how to create a good and memorable YouTube channel so that other people are interested in seeing your account.

Actually, by creating a Gmail account and syncing it to YouTube, you automatically create your own YouTube account how come! That way, you can find out how to get the most effective money from your channel.

If you don't know how to create a YouTube channel, Jaka has discussed specifically how to easily create a Youtube account on PC and Android. Curious? You can read the article below:


2. Create Concepts and Ideas

Photo source: YouTube

After you know and practice how to create a YouTube channel, then the next step that must be done so that how to become a successful YouTuber you are successful, you must do content brainstorming!

Brainstorming What Jaka means here is that you have to really think carefully about what content you will create, personality what you want to show, and so on.

What can be made content is according to your favorite topics or topics that are viral in cyberspace, gang. Jaka tries to give an example, for example the JalanTikus YouTube channel, gang!

The JalanTikus channel itself already has more than 4 million subscribers! When the JalanTikus YouTube channel was first created, our team already thought carefully about what it would look like channel this later.

From the start you have to be able to determine what content you want to create! channel JalanTikus, for example, was committed to creating content about information technology, gadgets, Android tips & tricks, to various types of your favorite movies or anime.

What's the goal? JalanTikus wants to provide entertainment, knowledge, as well as educate the audience of its YouTube channel so that they can be updated with the times!

3. Choose and buy Videography Needs

photo source: bccresearch

Actually, it's a bit difficult to become a YouTuber with just HP! Because to create good content, it takes a pretty big sacrifice, especially financially.

But, You can start a small vlog starting from the recordings of your cellphone video camera. Never be shy to be creative! Especially now that there are many best camera cellphones that you can use.

If later you have enough luck or savings, buy a device or gadget that can help you create your Youtube video content.

One of the tips on how to become a Youtuber that you can follow is to find a laptop, camera, and even lighting which can make the video quality even better.

You can check the list Nikon camera price or Canon camera price first before buying it so that budget you're not broken.

Oh yes, the audio recording device is also another important thing to consider. Especially if you want how to become a successful ASMR YouTuber with millions subscribers.

4. Create Interesting Content

Photo source: JalanTikus

Well actually there are types of YouTube videos that are the most profitable if you make them.

But according to Jaka, whatever content you will create, as long as it's from the heart, it will be successful. The message from ApkVenue is that you have to create really good and quality YouTube content. Don't be careless!

This applies to those of you who want to become any Youtuber, such as being a gaming YouTuber, you have to be really good at playing the game. Anyway, the most important thing is to create appropriate content passion and your abilities.

5. Improve Video Editing ability

photo source: pcmag

Well, if the tips on how to become a YouTuber on this one you need to practice it continuously. The more you practice, the better the results. In fact, if you need to, you can learn to be a YouTuber from the experts directly.

Choose a vlog video editing application or if you are really looking for a way to become a YouTuber on your cellphone, then you can practice editing vlog videos on Android first!

There are no instant results. As you practice and diligently read tutorials on how to edit videos, guaranteed you can!

Your favorite YouTuber won't be instant success either. Check out the first video of Casey Neistat, PewDiePie or SuperWoman. Don't be shy to ask pro YouTubers who are better than you!

How to be a successful YouTuber for other beginners~

6. Take Money from YouTube

Photo credit: Oakley-sunglasses

If you think that AdSense is the only way you can make money from YouTube, you are very wrong!

In fact, YouTube's rules or regulations regarding AdSense are always changing. Starting from the minimum number of subscribers, watch time videos, to what types of content can get AdSense.

One of the ways you can make money from Youtube is by doing sponsorship or endorsement with outsiders!

A complete discussion of how to get extra money from YouTube plus the challenges, ApkVenue has discussed in the article How to Get Additional Money Apart from AdSense from YouTube.

7. Socialize with Others Content Creator

Photo source: Facebook

Well, of course these tips on how to become a YouTuber are important for you to do. What a cool language collab! Try to pay attention to all your favorite YouTubers, for sure they will collaborate with other YouTubers.

This is important to do to improve engagement. In addition, you can also get insight What kind of YouTube content is good for beginners, as well as learning to be a professional YouTuber.

Oh yes, don't forget that you are also obliged to interact with your subscribers in the comments column and it is also mandatory for you to have other social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or blogs to promote channel Your YouTube!

The point is that you have to build a bridge between subscribers and personal branding yourself!

8. Use SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Photo source: Medium

Not just blogs YouTube video content also needs SEO in order to attract more visitors.

This is because you don't just create video content, but make it based on keywords which many people are looking for. That way, the videos that have been made already have their own target audience, the gang.

You can do keyword research that has search volume or a large number of searches, or it could be research keywords which has low competition so your YouTube videos don't compete with too many competitors.

By strengthening YouTube content using SEO, it is not impossible that your YouTube videos will appear in the first rank of Google search pages when users search keywords that you use.

Yes, although maybe this one thing is a bit difficult for beginner YouTubers to do, but if you want to learn, you can do it no matter how difficult it is to become a YouTuber.

9. Evaluate Your YouTube Video Performance

Photo source: YouTube Creator Academy

Not much different from Instagram, YouTube also provides features YouTube Analytics which you can use to find out how well YouTube videos are performing.

YouTube Analytics itself provides you with some important information such as Overview, Reach, Engagement, Audience, until Revenue which you can analyze whether it is in accordance with the expected goals.

That way, when you find out that the amount engagement the video is not as good as usual, for example, in the next video content you can define a better concept or strategy to improve it.

This is also one of the important tips on how to become a successful beginner YouTuber, which unfortunately many people ignore. Though evaluation is very important, you know!

10. Strong Intentions and Never Give Up

Photo source: Bookmyshow

Of course, this is the most important thing if you want to become a great Youtuber. Intention will not betray the results, as long as you are serious about what you do, then you will succeed!

Like the current Instagram caption that you often read, "Patience is the key to everything!" Maybe some people can go viral and famous easily! But most have to struggle and bleed to make their dreams come true.

If you believe that becoming a Youtuber is your dream, then achieve that dream! You can find inspiration through successful and rich Indonesian Youtubers, gang.

Those are Jaka's tips on how to become a famous successful Youtuber and get rich just using a cellphone.

Anyway, you just start first. Just do it! Congratulations on being a successful Youtuber!

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