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6 sites must be blocked in 2018

In the new year, it's good that we are no longer victims of negative content on sites that are not suitable for consumption. Here Jaka reviews 6 mandatory sites to block in 2018.

There are various sites that we can access via the internet, not all of them contain positive information and content. Not a few sites that contain negative content and are not educational, even damaging, especially if consumed by the younger generation.

In the new 2018, it would be nice for us to no longer be victims of negative content on certain sites. We can avoid this by blocking sites that are deemed unfit for consumption, especially for us and our relatives who are still relatively young.

Here Jaka tries to review about six site must be blocked in 2018. Not porn or gambling sites that are unquestionable for their eligibility to be blocked, the six sites below do not directly contain negative content, but have a high risk of abuse that actually threatens their visitors.

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6 Mandatory Blocking Sites in 2018

1. Periscope

Photo source: Source: Marketing Land

Periscope is a site that provides services streaming for its users. Starting from the awareness of the growing and growing popularity of video, Periscope was created as a place for anyone to broadcast their videos live, aka live streaming and watched by many people.

Unfortunately, until 2017 many abuses of this service were found, especially among minors. Some cases mention that many minors show their private body parts simply because they are attracted by the audience's offer that promises them some money. Indeed, not everyone uses Periscope for negative things, but securing it from minors is very necessary.

2. After School

This site was originally created for students to do refreshing after school time. Unfortunately, a lot of abuse and negative content appears on this After School site. In fact, the case cyberbullying also often appear and make some users depressed.

3. Tinder

Photo source: Source: Diolli

Who doesn't know what Tinder is? Starting from a website and then expanding to Android and iOS applications, this site that provides matchmaking services is visited by many, especially those who do not have a partner. Unfortunately, again there are many abuses ranging from cases of fraud, sexual harassment to murder.


This social networking site is actually a question and answer service provider for its users and followers. There is nothing wrong with this one site. However, several cases began to occur when this site was used by users aged 13-17 years. Many questions or comments began to appear containing sexual elements, violence to cyberbullying which then forced Jaka to enter into one of the sites that must be blocked.

5. Omegle

Maybe Leif K-Brooks' intention of creating the Omegle site was good. Yes, this site is actually one of the first to provide services chat via text or video for anyone you don't even know. However, almost all of its users contain people who abuse Omegle for negative things such as pornography or fraud.


For those of you who are not very familiar with it, Chatroulette is a site that is almost similar to Omegle, even worse for some people. Worse yet, 30% of its active users are under 18 years old! As a result, many cases such as sexual harassment, fraud and kidnapping have arisen as a result of this one site.

That's six sites you must block in 2018. Jaka recommends that it is better not to use the six sites above because apart from being less useful and useful, these sites have the potential to 'damage' their visitors, especially the younger generation.

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