don't choose wrong! this is the function of 8 types of emblems in mobile legends

At the initial level, the Emblem doesn't really have much effect, but if the level is high, the Emblem function will be even more useful.

In the Mobile Legends game, players will find one of the unique features called Emblems. This feature serves as an additional status for heroes in matches. At the initial level, the Emblem doesn't really have much effect, but if the level is high, the Emblem function will be more useful.

There are 8 types of Emblems to choose from in the Mobile Legends game. These emblems will be unlocked as the level increases. Each Emblem has a different function. Well, here Jaka will review the function of the 8 Emblems in Mobile Legends. Listen, come on!

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Functions of 8 Types of Emblems in Mobile Legends

1. Physical Emblem

Physical Emblem is a type of Emblem that is first opened to players. By choosing this Emblem, players will get additional attack, armor and HP. Physical Emblems will be very helpful for players who use Fighter or Assassin heroes.

2. Magical Emblem

This Magical type emblem is very useful for Mage and Support heroes because it tends to focus on magic attack and defense. By using this Emblem, players have more defense when facing attacks from similar heroes. The player's hero skills can also Faster cooldown so it can be used without having to wait long.

3. Tank Emblem

For those who are used to using Tanker heroes, this type of Emblem is the most appropriate choice. Tank Emblems allow players to get additional HP and good magic defense so it's very useful for the team.

4. Jungle Emblem

Jungle Emblem is the most suitable Emblem set for players who like hunting jungle monsters. By using this type of Emblem, players will get additional attack speed and movement speed. This is very useful for maximizing the skills of a Fighter or marksman type hero.

5. Physical Assassin

If you use an Assassin hero, then choose Physical Assassin for the Emblem. Physical Assassin is perfect for those of you who are crazy about MVP because of this Emblem more focused on physical attacks and add damage.

6. Magic Assassin

Mage hero skills using the Magic Assassin Emblem will be maximized. The attacks you have will increase optimally because the Magic Assassin Emblem can increase magic attacks, speed up cooldown and increase the strength of a Mage-like hero.

7. Fighter Emblem

Fighter Emblem is very suitable for use by Fighter heroes. This emblem will provide additional HP that is greater and maximizes every attack launched by the hero. The resulting damage will be even more deadly.

8. Roamer Emblem

Roamer Emblem is a type of emblem that can increase movement speed and increase magic and physical attack. Not only against enemy heroes, this emblem can also be used to hunt forest monsters and increase the damage generated by the hero.

Those are 8 Mobile Legends Emblems with different functions. Make sure you choose the Emblem that matches the hero you are using so that the Emblem doesn't end up in vain.