5 best apps to learn coding using android

The following are 5 applications to learn coding using Android, the best way is to download it so you can master the code or programming language of the web and Android.

Becoming a reliable programmer is certainly the dream of everyone in the IT world. However, in this digital era, it seems that everyone should have programming and coding skills. True, or not? Not only programmers, other fields also require skills coding. For example, helping you work more effectively, of course, for the sake of achieving a brilliant career.

It doesn't hurt us to take a little time each day to learn programming and coding or other new skills. Don't be confused about where to start, but start now from the things around you. Yes, through a smartphone you can learn coding with the 5 best android coding learning applications that Jaka discusses below, allowing you to learn programming or coding languages ​​anytime and anywhere.

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Learning Coding Android App for Beginners

1. Programming Hub, Learn to code

Programming Hub, Learn to code is an application to learn coding and programming languages ​​HTML, CSS, and Javascript. This app has offline compiler to learn and practice without the need for an Internet connection. There is a large collection of programming examples, and comprehensive course materials. Everything you need to learn coding in-bundle in the Programming Hub application, Learn to code.

2. Udacity Learn Programming

Udacity Learn Programming is an application for learning HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Java, and other programming languages. With this you can learn from scratch, namely programming basics. The materials taught are provided by industry experts from Facebook, Google, Cloudera, and MongoDB.

3. C Programming

Just like his name, C Programming is an application to learn coding and basic level C programming language on Android. This application contains more than 100 C programs which is packed with easy and complete tutorials. Plus the user interface is very simple and the content can be easily understood by the users.

4. Learn Python

Like the name Learn Python is an application to learn coding and the Python programming language. In this application explained Python basics, data types, control structures, functions and modules. You can collaborate with other friends, have fun with short lessons and win quizzes. You can also practice writing Python code in-app, collect points, and show off your skills.

5. Learn Programming

Learn Programming is an application to learn coding and programming languages ​​HTML 5, Java, LISP, JSP. Python, Perl, Pascal, PHP, Ruby, and many more. Each material is equipped with documentation and examples of each element, there is a Sandbox feature that you can use to copy paste source code. After studying, you can take a quiz to see how far you understand. Don't worry, the app is fully customizable in the settings.

Those are the 5 best Android coding learning applications that make you good at coding on Android, as reported by Tech Viral. So, there's no reason not to study. The reason is, in the Internet era as it is today, information is very easy to obtain. So, you don't have to buy expensive books but you never finish reading them. If you have additional applications for learning coding other, share in the comments column yes.

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