10 of the best playstation accessories of all time, number 4 makes your hands cramp!

Love playing PlayStation? If so, you must have these PlayStation accessories so that you are more satisfied playing the game, gang!

As one of the most popular and best-selling console series of all time, of course PlayStation has many accessories that will enrich our experience in playing games.

Whether it's from PlayStation 1 to PlayStation 4, of course there are accessories that are both best and unique, creating a feeling of satisfaction to the owner.

This time, Jaka will give you a list best PlayStation accessories all the time that might make you interested in buying it.

Best PlayStation Accessories

Jaka has done research to find the best accessories for various PlayStation series. Unfortunately, there are no accessories for the PlayStation 1 or PlayStation Portable.

The reason is that the number and variants of accessories that are owned are limited or there are no products that deserve to be included in the list.

So, what are the best PlayStation accessories of all time? Reporting from many sources, here's a list of accessories!

1. PS2 8 Monitor - Joytech

Photo source: Amazon UK

Price: IDR 100,000 - IDR 200,000

The first one is PS2 8 Monitor. With these accessories, you can play PS2 without a TV, gang!

This screen can only be used for the PS2 version slim. With this screen, our PS2 becomes more portable and can be carried anywhere.

In fact, this screen that uses TFT technology is equipped with power adapter which allows you to play this PS2 in the car.

If you are still playing PS2 until now, you must have this monitor. But unfortunately, not many are selling this item.

2. Charging Stand

Photo source: Amazon

Price: IDR 40,000-IDR 200,000

Since the PlayStation 3 era, Sony as the developer has introduced technology wireless controller.

Therefore, there are accessories that can be used to recharge the battery capacity used, one of which is Charging Stand.

There are various kinds of Charging Stands available in online stores. You can choose according to your budget and taste.

3. Wireless Remote Controller Slide

Photo source: Bukalapak

Price: IDR 365.000

Wireless Remote Controller Slide this one can only be used for the PlayStation 3 console. This remote is versatile, gang!

We can use this tool as a remote, controller, and the keyboard at the same time. The buttons on the PS stick are all here too.

With this tool, you can be more practical when naming your game character.

Other Accessories...

4. PS3 Guitar Hero Les Paul Wireless Guitar

Photo source: Amazon

Price: IDR 300,000

If you are a Guitar Hero game player, you definitely want to have this one accessory, right?

PS3 Guitar Hero Les Paul Wireless Guitar is a controller specially designed for the guitar playing game.

With a Wi-Fi connection, you can play your favorite songs using this tool, complete with colors that match the game.

However, you have to be ready to get your hands cramped, especially if you play a song with a fast tempo like Through the Fire and the Flamesits DragonForce!

5. PlayStation VR

Photo source: TechRadar

Price: IDR 4,800,000 - IDR 5,500,000

Already many games Virtual Reality (VR) on the market, including for the PlayStation 4 console.

Therefore, appeared PlayStation VR sophisticated. The headset owned by this VR feels comfortable.

Moreover, the VR games available for PS4 are quite varied. To make the playing experience even more stable, you also have to buy a PlayStation Camera and Move, gang.

6. PlayStation Camera

Photo source: TechRadar

Price: IDR 800,000

The first complement to PlayStation VR is PlayStation Camera. Unlike its Xbox and Kinect, Sony has never been serious about managing its camera accessories.

Even so, you can still buy this one accessory even though the games that can be played are very limited.

This camera can track our movements, especially if we use VR. Besides, we can also do live streaming use these accessories.

7. PlayStation Move

Photo source: TechRadar

Price: IDR 640,000

Controller games are always evolving. That's what Sony did with PlayStation Move, which may have been inspired by Nintendo's Wii.

The accuracy of this tool can be said to be very satisfying and suitable for VR users. Unfortunately, we will feel uncomfortable when we use this tool for too long.

8. PSVR Aim Controller

Photo source: TechRadar

Price: IDR 1,100,000

Do you remember the game Duck Hunt that legendary one? The game became a legend because at that time, being able to shoot the screen with a weapon was a very extraordinary thing.

Now, of course there are more sophisticated tools like PSVR Aim Controller this one. This accessory can be used for games that use PlayStation VR.

You can play FPS games as if you were in the middle of a direct battle.

9. Logitech G29 Racing Wheel

Photo source: GamesRadar

Price: IDR 5,500,000

Car racing game fan? If so, you must have Logitech G29 Racing Wheel which can be used for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

Arguably, this accessory is one of the best of its kind. Moreover, with a layer of leather on the steering wheel, it makes us feel like driving a real car.

10. PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset

Photo source: TechRadar

Price: IDR 2,200,000

Sony released PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset which you can use to get the best game audio with satisfactory sound quality.

This wireless headset is also equipped with 3D Audio technology which makes the gaming experience even more real.

Maybe what is lacking from this headset is the slightly odd shape of the model. But, well, it's just a matter of taste huh, gang.

So, that's the tenth best PlayStation accessories version of JalanTikus. Do you have other accessories that Jaka hasn't mentioned? Write in the comments column, yes!

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