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buy instagram followers? is it safe and reliable?

Want to increase the number of followers to become a celebgram? If so, check out the recommendations for where to buy cheap and trusted Instagram followers below.

In order to increase prestige, many people are willing to spend to increase the number of followers on their social media accounts. In fact, the cost that is set is also not cheap, you know!

The price is determined by the number of followers desired. But to become a celebgram, you certainly need thousands of followers.

When you decide to buy Instagram followers, first make sure the seller is trusted so that you don't get fooled and lose money, gang.

Well, so as not to be deceived, it's better to find out the recommended place first buy cheap and reliable Instagram followers. For example, as Jaka summarizes below.

Recommendations to Buy Instagram Followers

Selegram requires a large number of followers, even up to tens or hundreds of thousands. For that, you also have to add Instagram followers.

How to buy Instagram followers is also similar to buying online products, just make transactions, transfers, and wait for the number of followers to increase gradually.

Well, for those of you who want to add followers, here's Jaka: Recommended places to buy IG followers cheap and reliable, gang.

1. All Social Media Services

All Social Media already has its own website so you can directly transact on the website without the need to chat with customer service.

You can also specify the number of followers you want to buy. The price is also affordable, starting from Rp. 30 thousand for 100 active Indonesian followers.

In addition to buying Instagram followers, All Sosmed Services also provide other services, both for Instagram and for other social media, gangs.

2. Followersindo

Followersindo has been trusted by more than 26 thousand Instagram users ranging from personal accounts, public accounts, fanbase accounts, public figures, and others.

Here, you can also get an easy and fast buying experience for Instagram followers because it can be done directly through the official website.

In addition to buying cheap Indonesian active Instagram followers, here you can also buy likes and views at affordable prices, gang. Very fitting to be a program for beginners.

3. Instagram Optimization Services

Have an online shop? If you want to increase the number of followers for a business account, buying targeted active Instagram followers is certainly the right choice.

In Instagram Optimization Services, you can buy Indonesian targeted active followers at a fairly affordable price, starting from only Rp. 66 thousand.

This package is very suitable for celebgrams or online businesses because it has the potential to increase Instagram account traffic and increase the number of buyers and followers, gangs.

Recommended Places to Buy Other Instagram Followers...

4. The Socmed

You can also buy IG followers at The Socmed through the official website. The choice of services is also very diverse so that it can be tailored to the needs.

You can add active and passive followers, from Indonesia and worldwide, with relatively cheap prices, starting from only Rp. 50 thousand.

Besides being able buy Instagram followers via credit, The Socmed also provides a guarantee for the Instant package for 10 days. So you don't have to worry about decreasing followers.

5. Social Media Shop

In addition to active followers, here you can buy cheap passive Instagram followers. You can also buy Indonesian Instagram likes here.

In addition to increasing Instagram followers, Social Media Shop also provides services for other social media, including Soundcloud and Google+, gang.

If there is an interruption so that the service offered has not been successful, you can also apply for a refund within 3x24 hours. Guaranteed safe!

Is it safe to buy Instagram followers?

Before deciding to buy IG followers, you should carefully consider the risks that can occur due to injecting followers.

Indeed, there are lots of celebgrams or online shops that increase the number of followers instantly, but it's not always safe to buy Instagram followers.

Well, before buy cheap instagram followersFirst, consider the following things to be your consideration so that later you don't regret it, gang.

1. Threatened Account Suspended

An increasing number of followers in a short time is certainly an abnormal activity. If you're not careful, your account can be suspended by Instagram.

Just like other social media, Instagram can also find out if there are unusual activities that occur in your account, one of which is the number of followers that suddenly rises.

Instead of taking this risk, it is better for you to increase Instagram followers organically or you can also use a follower increase application.

2. Engagement Rate Continues to Decline

Engagement is the key to how the Instagram algorithm chooses the posts to be displayed on the timeline of its users. No likes and comments, Your post won't appear.

The followers you buy will not provide value in the long term. They may give likes, comments, or views at first, but after a while they will disappear.

In addition, passive followers will also not share your content or recommend your business to others, because they are not real humans.

For that, you don't need to buy followers too often. Instead, you can manage posts, from the exact time of posting to the content to be posted.

3. Followers Decreased Drastically

Instagram often makes algorithm changes so that this activity will delete Instagram accounts that are considered "bugs" such as fake accounts.

The changes that go along with the cleanup are often made without an announcement from Instagram. Therefore, the bug account will suddenly disappear.

When you buy cheap passive followers, the account that follows your account is certainly a bug, not a real human account. So it could be that the account disappears.

When the bug account disappears, your Instagram followers will automatically decrease. Worse, the missing bug accounts are not only 1 or 2, but can be up to hundreds slowly.

4. Reputation is at stake

Can you imagine if people know that your account is only filled with fake followers? That must be a shame! This is the stakes if you buy Instagram followers.

In addition, other people can also check real or fake Instagram followers. If you get caught, your reputation and good name will be tarnished. You don't want to, do you?

Having a large number of followers does look cool. But after finding out that the number is nothing more than a hoax, your real followers will surely doubt it.

That was the recommended place buy instagram followers cheap and reliable. The services provided are also very diverse, not only to increase IG followers.

But before injecting followers, reconsider the risks that may arise after you decide to increase the number of Instagram followers.

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