5 powerful tips for playing dress up diary dating simulation game

For those of you who want to get good at playing Dress Up Diary quickly, here are tips for playing a dress up diary that JalanTikus has summarized..

Playing games is not only done by boys. Many of the girls are playing the game, especially if the game is dating simulation theme.

Another example of a dating simulation game hits lately is Dress Up Diary. For girls, of course, you are familiar with this game made by Maingames.

Well, for those of you who want to get proficient fast in playing Dress Up Diary, this time the JalanTikus team will provide some tips for playing Dress Up Diary.

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Tips for Playing Dress Up Diary

1. Passing the Stage With 3 Style Conditions

To pass through stage in Story Fashion Dress Up Diary, you must be able to meet the requirements style at each stage. Usually there are 1-2 conditions that you must fulfill, but not infrequently there are also 3 conditions. Do not be confused! Jaka has tips so you can get through stages like that without getting dizzy.

You can directly filter clothes what you have with the click of a button "Search" or "Search". This can save you time when looking for the clothes you want. A maximum of 2 types of styles can be directly filtered there.

Then just keep looking with the style blend that is a requirement.

It's easy? This way you are guaranteed can pass the stage which seems complicated quickly!

2. Win on the Star Stage

Tips for playing the next dress up diary by winning the star stage. What's that Star Stage? Star Stage is feature Fashion Showdown between players. So, fellow Dress Up Diary players can compete with each other to determine which one is the best! Star Stage appears every 2 weeks for 7 full days. So pay attention to the period of its appearance, yes!

In each period the Star Stage will there are 8 themes. Well, you have to be smart in choosing the right clothes to put in your suitcase before you compete. The first suitcase contains 32 clothes slots which you can choose.

After choosing, go straight click button "Match" or "Challenge"! There will be 3 rounds in 1 game. The first and second rounds will be chosen by you and your opponent respectively. Last round selected randomly from system. Select the appropriate clothing attribute in less than 1 minute in each round.

Don't be sad if you lose, we have tips so that in the future you can win! The tips, you just pay attention to the attributes of clothes used by your opponent who wins. Because of the choice of clothes that he can get higher points than you.

3. Get Many Items From Sky Tower

In features Sky Tower, you can get good kinds of clothes. The method? The first is by completing the stage of the Sky Tower.

Choose clothes according to the given theme and get chest contains costumes and diamonds!

Every day, there is also Free Chests which you can open for a certain amount of time! So the more diligently you play in the Sky Tower, the more you will the more you get the prize!

4. Increase Your Boyfriend's Likes

There is a really simple way to increase the likes of boys in Dress Up Diary, namely love dessert their favorite. Every time you give a gift to the guys there, pay attention to how many likes it gets. For example, Prince Reinhard turned out to really like it Coconut Custard!

Give them gifts often, so they will love them more.

5. Choose the Right Answer When Dating

Ask your boyfriend often! Choose a suitable date and time.

Try the right place combination experiment that cantrigger special events!

Well, during special events, usually there will be questions which you must answer correctly. From there too can improve love your guy! If the answer is wrong, his liking only increases slightly or does not increase at all.

Be diligent in dating so you can get a special event! Psst, from a special event too can get CG lol!

Those are tips for playing Dress Up Diary from JalanTikus. Do you have any other tips? Direct share in the comments column yes!

For those who have never played, you must try to play with thousands of other players right now!

You can download the game here: Dress Up Diary Android or Dress Up Diary iOS. Do not forget to like Facebook fanpage and follow Instagram yes!

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