8 tips to be good at using kagura heroes in mobile legends

There are so many heroes in Mobile Legends that have their own characteristics and abilities to play.

Talking about Mobile Legends will definitely not be separated from the problem Hero. Many Hero in Mobile Legends which has its own characteristics and abilities to play.

The one that we will discuss this time is Hero which is identical to the umbrella weapon, Kagura. Jaka has compiled 8 Tips to Be Good at Using Hero Kagura in Mobile Legends. Check out the review below, let's go!

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8 Tips to Be Good at Using Hero Kagura in Mobile Legends

1. Correct Farming Order

The first thing you do is buy an item Hunter's Knife. After that finish off the first minion wave and try last hits on minion in order to get the most out of gold and exp. Surely now level Kagura You have already advanced to level two, if successful last hits three Minions.

Then take Buff Spinner or Reaper and also get items Pilager Ax. Destroy Minions again in the second wave, your gold income is now enough to buy items Boots. Continue, this time kill Small Jungle Camp, you go straight up to level four, and once again annihilate the third wave of Minions. Lastly, buy items Magic Necklace in order to get Where's Regen while you are roaming.

2. The right way of roaming

As previously discussed, after leveling up and purchasing a Magic Necklace and Boots, you are ready to roam in Top or bottom lane. before roaming, spend the Minions on your lane, then help your friends on another lane, try to get assists or kill to stay productive. Then use Attack Notification so that your friends are ready to fight head-on. After finishing immediately return to your lane area, if the enemy Minions are close Turret to secure it.

3. Harassment

Use skill one Seimei Umbrella Open Blue you reach the maximum range, try to hit one or more enemy heroes and minions, then back away a little so that the umbrella returns to Kagura. Then use skills two Rasho Umbrella Flee Purple to give effect stun on target and don't be afraid to keep going with basic attack because the enemy's attack is not strong at the beginning of the game, but never use that method if you have entered the middle or end of the game.

Repeat this until the opponent's HP Hero is depleted and enough to be executed using skill combos number two at the bottom. Take note Where you too and always take buff because Kagura is a wasteful Hero Where.

4. The right skill combo

When the condition is chasing the target, use skill one with the maximum range. If the umbrella has hit the target, then press skill two quickly, then give a slow effect using blue ultimate so that your team can reach the target for execution.

If in a state of executing the target, first make sure the target has used the skill escape hers like flicker etc. Then attack with skill one followed by skill Yin Yang Overturn Purple, after that skill one, skill two, and attack with skill Yin Yang Overturn Blue. Then attack with skill one when the enemy is interested because of the red ultimate skill and run towards the thrown umbrella to give effect stun.

To hit and run or in a defensive state, throw the Seimei Umbrella Open Blue skill with maximum range towards the target while walking backwards. If the enemy's HP is dying, use skill combos to execute.

Last moment diving turret, spam the Seimei Umbrella Open, Yin Yang Overturn Purple, Seimei Umbrella Open Purple and Rasho Umbrella Open Purple skills quickly, then defend your position with the enemy so that the rope doesn't come off. When three seconds of the Ultimate Yin Yang Overturn skill is used, the interesting effect will be active at that moment, it's time for you to use your Rasho Umbrella Flee skill to get out of the turret area circle then quickly remove the Seimei Umbrella Open skill to maximize the target interested in ultimate yours.

5. Effective Diving Turret

When you have got the item Concentrated Energy, meaning that your Kagura is strong enough to diving turret with your team. Spam skill one until the enemy's HP is ready to be executed with skill combos. For maximum use, use the ultimate skill when the enemy is huddled together to create damage area. Don't be afraid of the turret running out of blood, as long as you use a skill or get a kill, the Concentrated Energy item will have an effect heal or fill the blood to survive in the Turret.

6. Optional build items

Some of the selected items for build Kagura does have a variety of compositions, but the most effective is to build using items Arcane Boots, Enchanted Talisman, Concentrated Energy, Glowing Wand, Devil Tears, and last Holy Crystal.

7. Proper use of emblems and spells

The appropriate emblem for Kagura is, Common Magic or Custom Mage, if there is a level difference of more than ten between the two, use the emblem with the highest level. However, if the difference is below it, use the Custom Mage emblem to get it Magic Penetration tall one. For the most effective Spell for Kagura is Retribution.

8. Appropriate skill up sequence

Of course to maximize the power of Kagura doing up skills with the right composition is something you have to pay attention to.

At the beginning, maximize the Seimei Umbrella Open skill first. After that, raise the Ultimate Yin Yang Overturn skill, and finally the Rasho Umbrella Flee skill.

That's 8 Tips to Be Good at Using Hero Kagura in Mobile Legends. Hopefully this article is useful and can help you become better at playing Kagura. Also, write your opinion in the comments section below!